Organization of medical physical culture in medical institutions

Organization of work for medical physical culture lies with the doctor-expert and instructor (Methodist) with the involvement of medical personnel (doctors, nurses) of the medical institution. Medical exercises dispensary district, city, region carry out methodological guidance of all branches of medical institutions where there are specialists for medical physical culture.
The duties of the doctor-specialist therapeutic physical training includes: inspection of patients assigned to classes, before, after and sometimes during treatment; definition of the methods of studies (forms, means, dosage of exercise); guide the work of instructors (Methodist); consultations of doctors of other specialities on the issues of medical physical culture, organization and carrying out of sanitary-educational work among the sick and the healthy population. The doctor should be present at the sessions with the patients and to carry out medical and pedagogical monitoring.
The responsibility of the instructor (Methodist) include: organization and conducting classes medical gymnastics (individual and group) in the chambers, rooms or halls of medical physical culture, sports fields; organization and conducting of sports-mass actions with the student, including health groups.
The doctor and the instructor (Methodist) are installed documentation (form № 42, record in history), conduct anthropometric and other studies, analysing the effectiveness of treatment, are complex and schemes of exercises, therapeutic exercises.
The scheme physiotherapy sessions are developing in relation to the main groups of diseases (without taking into account the principle of individualization) according to the following form: 1) part of the session; 2) the ordinal number of group exercises; 3) the initial position of the patient; 4) the content of the parts; 5) dosage (number of iterations) of exercises in each group; 6) the target installation HOWTO.
Sample exercises, therapeutic exercises must comply with the content of the schema to meet the principle of individual approach to the patient and be determined according to the specified form.
The doctor of medical physical culture is responsible for providing the necessary equipment of places of employment, and the instructor (Methodist) is materially responsible person.
In hospitals and clinics meeting of group classes for medical physical culture must have a minimum area of 30-40 m2, a room for individual lessons - 20 m2. In addition, mandatory doctor's office, shower room, cloakroom, utility room. To practice on air equipped playgrounds.
In rehabilitation, sanatorium and resorts hall should be an area of about 60 m2. It is desirable to have also workshops on occupational therapy, routes of health path, swimming pools, ski and water station, rollers, beaches and other facilities.
In the hall should be climbing several flights), gymnastics bench, exercise machines, inclined planes, a couch, a table with a smooth surface (to restore mobility in the joints of the fingers with traumatic and neurologic diseases), block the installation, basketball, big mirror, toys, and various devices to restore mobility in the joints of the fingers and hands.
In the office (branch) of medical physical culture should be measuring instruments: stadiometer, scales, measuring tape, angle-finders is considered, dynamometers (Stanovoy and manual), sphygmomanometers, myotonometry, is stout pair of compasses, a spirometer, and others, as well as manuals on methodology classes for different diseases and traumas, complexes of exercises for self-study.