Exercise therapy for respiratory diseases

Pathological processes developing in the respiratory organs, can affect the individual parts of the respiratory apparatus, or cause combined damage of its different departments. For respiratory diseases characterized by the following symptoms: shortness of breath, coughing, choking, sputum, haemoptysis, pain in the chest. In pathological process in any Department of respiratory apparatus disturbed function of the entire system, resulting in deteriorating lung ventilation, impaired gas exchange, pulmonary insufficiency. In this regard, the oxygen saturation in the lungs becomes lower than normal. This phenomenon is called hypoxia.
Insufficient oxygen in the blood, accumulation in it of carbon dioxide have an irritating effect on the respiratory center and cause breathing problems. One of the forms of breathing is shallow breathing. When it notes short breath, rapid breathing, light poorly ventilated that leads to the insufficient supply of oxygen.
Another form of breathing is expiratory dyspnea associated with shortness of breath. It is due to reflex spasm of the bronchi under the influence of various stimuli, it is observed in bronchial asthma. Narrowing of the bronchi clearance may be due to inflammation in chronic bronchitis.
In all diseases of the respiratory violated their function due to various reasons: limits the mobility of the chest and lungs; deterioration of the airway; reduction of a respiratory surface of the lungs; reducing the elasticity of the lung parenchyma; violations of diffusion of gases in the lungs, Central regulation of breathing and blood circulation.
Limiting the mobility of the chest and lungs may be a consequence of the defeat of respiratory muscles and control her nerves, and congestion in the pleural cavity gas or liquid. Large accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity can cause mediastinal shift in the opposite direction, squeezing heart and a violation of the functions of the cardiovascular system.
Reduction of a respiratory surface is observed in inflammatory processes in the lung tissue (pneumonia, tuberculosis, and others).
The deterioration of the elasticity of the lung parenchyma is most pronounced in chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.
Violation of the airway may be a result of spasm of smooth muscles bronchi (bronchial asthma).
Violation of diffusion of gases in the lungs observed when pneumosclerosis - proliferation in them connective tissue after inflammatory processes, in some forms of tuberculosis.
The ultimate manifestation of respiratory diseases is violation of gas exchange in the lungs and tissues.