Having intercourse, mainly throwing the man of the seed, accompanied by special voluptuous sensation sexual satisfaction called orgasm (from the Greek "overflow", "head"). The intensity and character of this experience for men, like women, are very different and correspond to the type of the nervous system, age and state of health. The duration of orgasm in healthy men and women normally do not exceed 10-15 seconds. However, some women her orgasm lasts up to 20-30 seconds, and more.
Orgasm is the strongest overall reaction of the body, a kind of sensual apogee at the irritation of the sexual nature of man. This reaction with its extreme intensification of nervous excitement can be compared only with the rapid physiological nervous tension - stress. Emotional arousal in the Supreme moment of intense sexual satisfaction ("sexual ecstasy") is so great that some people may even happen momentary loss of consciousness. No wonder the ancient scientists act of intercourse compared with easy epilepsy. Rightly writes Soviet scientist, S. Vasil'chenko, "it is Difficult to find any other form of physiological activity that would cause in those short periods of time, which characterize normal sexual intercourse, such a significant energy expenditure at the widest irradiation (distribution - A. S.) of nervous excitement of such a high intensity. Famous analogy is only an epileptic fit, that is a pathological phenomenon".
Voluptuous sensation during intercourse is more intensively and, if the sexual act is committed with a loved one. And the act be done with less passion and less pleasure when he is done only for the sake of one sensual pleasures, almost mechanically (in this case, the sexual act has some similarities with the act analiticheskim).
A distinction should be made between sensual sensation and orgasm in the proper sense. Sensual sensation during intercourse summed up, gradually accumulate and at the end of the act, by the end of it, comes the "explosion", the highest point of the most acute voluptuous sensations, which represents an orgasm. Thus, sensual feelings are a precondition for the development of orgasm as the final reaction during intercourse. However, the feeling of an orgasm in men occurs as if "boils" for a few moments before ejaculation.
Orgasm as a subjective sensation may occur only in the higher parts of the Central nervous system, which are characterized by the perception of sensations. Clearly, neither in seed mound, nor in the muscles semyavynosyaschih ducts, nor even in the spinal cord may not experience the feeling of an orgasm. There can only emerge impulses that cause the sensation of orgasm, and transmitted through the spinal cord in the higher departments of a brain.
In other words, active overcoming narrow mouths semyavynosyaschih ducts condensed secret of the testes and seminal vesicles generates pulses, mud somewhere in higher sensitive centers of the brain. Given the variety of sensual sensations of orgasm, apparently, must take the primary sensitive center of performing the perception of orgasm, like all the senses, visual hillocks, which in turn are associated with final authority departments of the cerebral cortex, where the transformation of pulses as a particular feeling. The cortex is able to suppress, to strengthen manifestations of complicated orgasmic response. In this part of the impulses of the sexual sphere reaches of the cerebral cortex, and the other part is distributed on the lower parts of the brain, causing various reflex reactions from different organs and systems (muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular and other).
Arc complex orgasmic reflex can be represented schematically as follows: sensitive receptors embedded in semyavynosyaschih ducts, rear urethra, seed tubercle and other erogenous zones,the spinal cord and brain stem as conducting impulses intermediate part-visual mounds as primary sensitive centre, forming the perception orgasm associated with final authority - the cerebral cortex.
The impulses that come from the sexual apparatus during intercourse, increase the excitability of the relevant departments of a brain. In addition, anxiety sensitive centers of the brain to the point of ejaculation increases and the impact on them of hormones through the blood. Thus, at the end of sexual intercourse is the brain as if generalizes (integrates) the various sensitive impulses and provides a conscious perception of orgasm.
The mechanism of occurrence of orgasm in women should be similar to the appearance of his men. The only difference is that the pulses coming to the Central nervous formations occur in her erogenous zones, especially the sexual apparatus. The woman with the approach of orgasm, in addition to its active movements occur and involuntary contraction of the vagina, uterus, pelvic floor and vulva and reflex discharge of mucus from the cervical and Bartholin glands, often redness of the skin of the breast and face.
Orgasm may be weakened, and women and even not to come in the presence of any purely mental or physical causes, such as feelings of indifference or disgust to the partner, fear of infection, fears subsequent pregnancy, pain during intercourse, especially in the inflammatory processes in sexual apparatus. This is most true for women and less than men.
Women are strongly influenced by psychological factors.
For the intensity of orgasm in men of great importance to have erections. When sluggish and inadequate erection orgasm usually less pronounced. Matters and also the number of sperm: the larger the volume, the greater the orgasm, when the first act after abstinence orgasm always brighter. And anyway, if the sexual acts are repeated one after the other, the orgasm more intense all happens at the first act and weaker, "pale" at each subsequent. In the absence of sperm (secretory voltage) ejaculation orgasms can and not to come, despite strong stimulation that occurs when too frequent intercourse, and in old age.
As is known, people after excessive and long-term mental stress weakens the sensitivity, decrease the imagination, they lose the ability to focus on any one thing, they have reduced sexual sensitivity and libido, weakens and the sensation of orgasm. This is the result of a surge of functions of a bark of the big hemispheres of a brain.
Heavy physical work, if it is accompanied by excessive tension of the muscles, and therefore, the nervous system, reduces the sense voluptuous sensations during sexual intercourse. Thus, excessive mental and physical stress associated with fatigue, reduce sexual sensitivity, and under these conditions, the abuse of sex life can have a detrimental effect on sexual function and General health.