Common origanum

Common origanum (Origanum vulgare). It breeds seedage and division of rhizomes and cuttings. The plant requires much heat, especially at the beginning of its growth. It grows well on light, fertilized soils. For sowing or planting since autumn select open dry area, dig up the soil to a depth of 22-25 cm, previously scattered manure based 2-3 kg per 1 m2 or compost soil - 3 - 4 kg per 1 m2. In spring the plot is leveled with a rake.
Mixed with dry sand seeds of oregano are sown early in the spring surface in rows with row spacing of 40-60 cm, prisypaya seeds peat. Shoots thinned out, leaving between plants 30 see
If the seeds are to be sown in April, oregano in August already bloom, however Mature seeds will not. But next year oregano will blossom in July, and in September it is possible to collect the seeds. For the summer to 2-3 times to process aisle, weed rows to feed up the plants before buonitalia the NPK (15-20 g on 1 m2).
Grow whether the herbs in the wild or they cultivated - this does not affect the content of active substances. On the contrary, the quality of the collection of herbs, grown with their own hands, much higher: on beds grow only high-grade herbs, without impurity of poor quality replicas found in nature.