What age is the right ortoboz?

One scholar asked how to lengthen life. He answered: first, not to shorten it. How can we not shorten his life?
The correct way of life I. I. Mechnikov called orthobiom. Here again - Greek roots penetrating all the scientific terminology and understandable to all people on earth: "ortho" - straight, right, "bio" - is associated with life. In reality, in our way of life and behavior, there are many little things that can be harmful and useful. There are microscopic harm and usefulness, you should consider, for acting throughout life, they can significantly affect our health and longevity. The art of arteriosa is that you need to use the utility and avoid hazards.
Sometimes, when reading such lines or listening to such a lecture, the young people say, "it is too early to think about longevity. Will live to see a gray hair or to the lack of hair, and then will take care of your health, we will think about the prolongation of life". Of course, this is the greatest mistake. Ortoboz you need is especially someone who has yet managed to significantly shorten its life. Of course, to take up the mind is always useful, but if we begin to correct your way of life already in old age, we can do so much. So the sooner, the better.