Eight commandments correct way of life

A brief look at eight of the most important conditions of arteriosa as viewed from the point of view of modern science.
First of all it should again be called to the work, which, as we well know, the most important condition physiological well-being. While we're working age, life itself gives us this condition. Let's just remember that you should not be afraid of difficulties and to look for easy ways. In work, as in sports, big load give supercompensation, increase physiological resources. When a person reaches the age of retirement, there is a serious question: how to be? The rest is quite deserved, but if people will rest on the bench, the deserved rest will be unfairly severe punishment. Catastrophically fast will come decrepitude and death. The reason - law "who does not work shall not eat." Bodies-parasites quickly degenerating. Hence, after retirement, it is necessary to work. Now pensioners are allowed to work with a limited working time. The huge scope of work includes home - from parenting grandchildren to cooking.
Perhaps, another pensioner, reading these lines, grasping his head: "If this is necessary to exhaust myself on vacation, you better, apparently, not to retire!" No, my dear Reverend reader! I do not want to say that the pensioner must bombard themselves with work. My idea is different: if the force was less than half, and the speed should be reduced by half, and not 10 times! Only in this way, actively working, the older person may feel alive and power literally until the last breath. A paradoxical situation. It would seem that forces little, they should be protected. However'll save - fast-does go away, and you will be generously to spend, how many there are - will be coming back.
The most important condition of arteriosa is normal sleep. The conductor of the Symphony of life, stremimsya first of all, is the brain. The means of restoration of its forces, given by the nature, is first of all a state of sleep. It is therefore clear that the proper use of this good is absolutely necessary.
The following condition - service of good mood and positive emotions. They provide friendly towards other people, humour, optimism. Goodwill - a quality that is hard to overestimate. All, we would like a good attitude. Also in a kind way we should treat other people. Our attitude towards people like a boomerang: what we threw, he is returned. Folk wisdom teaches, as the call, so the echo. The famous Danish painter Bidstrup is a series of drawings entitled "full Circle": head chastises Deputy, he yells to the Secretary, offended Secretary - rassylnyy, the rude to the porter, doorman in the hearts kicks the dog, and the dog tries to bite the back of the head, leaving the institution. Truly boomerang returned to the starting point - man sowed evil and got it back. If he sowed good it would be to travel down the chain, and the dog, maybe licked him a hand. Goodwill is an essential element of the culture of our behavior. Especially important it is there where the person on duty shall come in a wide communications, talks to a lot of other people. First of all this takes place in the service sector. People irritable and short-tempered, in fact, pornepisodes for such work. He who experiences the joy of communicating with people, will be in service in its place. Today, we still may be too young to rational professional selection for operation in trade and other services, sphere of service, but this should go. In General, people that are designed to broadly communicate with others, should be especially developed that attitude, which he wrote Saint-Exupery. He believed that the highest pleasure for man is the joy of human communication.
Humor, joke, fun word very decorate life. The French have a good worldly wisdom, talking about how we should live: laugh together, cry alone. Those extraordinary troubles, which must not share, do not happen every year. In detail it is necessary to submit to the wise advice of the French people. Having met a friend, always consider whether it makes sense immediately to offend him some bad news, " maybe he's still a few days to live without it. Such situations arise not only in case of accidental meetings on the street - they permeate our entire life. Sometimes, for example, after two weekends we go to work, go into communication with his friends. Two days were a few small pleasant events and minor difficulties. Something to share? Often begin to share the grief. Comrade, perhaps, would like to talk about something else that is good, but somehow inconvenient to boast of the "towards", if the other bad. Begins to think: Oh, Yes, I too have been grief - and puts them. Life becomes a nagging. It is necessary in this case to recall the recommendation of the French. It would be better is not going to poison the soul themselves or others.
Optimism, which is the most important source of good mood, that is the only way you can bring in yourself, to strengthen. In our life, which we are very aptly called "striped", constantly alternating light and dark stripes. To give allowed to grow to their shoots of optimism, need to fix attention to good and to be able to rejoice in it. Of course, we should not ignore and bad, you must fight him. Only here to savor it! Leave this incorrigible pessimists, and they'd rather incorrigible optimists!
Incidentally, let us think, what determines optimistic or pessimistic warehouse of our character. As in everything, the decisive role here is played by the interaction of genetic programs and living conditions. However deeply mistaken are those who believe that priority should be given to the second factor, i.e. how we live. The palm, undoubtedly, belongs to the innate features of mentality. How many times do you need to see people whose lives, when viewed objectively, have developed a very bad and the people are happy and cheerful. Remember the words of the Russian folk song: "the Rich man, the fool, and with the Treasury not sleep. Bobyl goal as Falcon, singing is fun!" The brightest example is the amazing character of American composer Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" - a poor Negro disabled Porgy. Is it possible to find less happy fate than limbless Negro, living on alms? Meanwhile, Porgy - man radiant optimism, he really knows how to enjoy good, although in his life, this good - such crumbs!

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  • Eliminate bad habits - Smoking and alcohol abuse
  • Adherence and hardening