Respiratory virus infection

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Huge practical experience and research suggest that the hardening really increases the body's resistance to infection, particularly respiratory viral diseases. The emergence of these infections adopted in the General population to associate with a cold, i.e., excessive or prolonged cooling. Cold, of course, may not be the direct cause of these diseases, they are invoked by certain pathogens - viruses. However, colds cause occurrence and more severe course of respiratory infections. The best way to protect yourself from the harmful effects colds is hardening.
If the family or apartment a disease occurs, you should immediately call a doctor. An important measure to curb the spread of viral infections is early isolation of the patient until his recovery. Isolation usually spend at home: the patient is placed in a private room or a bed to fence off the screen or sheets. Patient ceases to communicate with others, except for caregivers who must use a gauze mask.
Patients with severe forms of the disease or complications, and living in unfavorable conditions should be put in the hospital. The question about the need for hospitalization of the patient is decided by the doctor, and the parents of the patient should submit to his authority. Of course, to carry feverish sick child to a pediatric clinic is unacceptable. It is connected with high risk of infection with other children.
At disease of adult family members even mild respiratory viral infections they should stop communicating with children up to a full recovery.
The possibilities of specific influence on pathogens of these infections are still very limited. Modern antibiotics, which gained fame as drugs, highly effective in bacterial infectious diseases, powerless against viruses. When viral diseases they are used only by the occurrence or threat of occurrence of complications of bacterial nature. In recent years has the prospect of development of chemicals, highly active in viral infections. It may be assumed that in the near future the possibilities of the highly effective treatment of respiratory viral infections will increase significantly. At the present time the mainstay of treatment is the use of a combination of various means and methods that are assigned depending on the nature and severity of the disease and the characteristics of the organism of the patient, and so on, Timely, started early and correct treatment gives good results with significantly reduced harmful consequences after infection, the number of deaths is practically reduced to zero.
You must remember that drug treatment is the area of medical actions. Misuse of drugs (in particular, antibiotics) can lead to irreparable tragedy. The attention of the relatives of the patient should be focused on the punctual execution of the doctor and the provision of care, which in General medical complex plays a very significant role.
Relatives of the patient should provide him in bed, peace and hygienic content (regular washing, shared bath, frequent change of linen and other). In the room where the patient need regular cleaning and systematic ventilation. Food should be nutritious and easily digestible. In the diet of the patient, following the advice of a doctor, include dairy, pureed vegetable and meat dishes, cheese, yogurt, fruit, fruit juices, and so on, it is Necessary to give to the patient to drink.
At the stage of recovery of the patient is transferred to pruposely or normal mode, but with a longer time for rest and sleep. During this period, measures should be taken to improve the emotional tone of the child (tiring games, drawing, reading fairy tales and other). All that tiring the child, should be avoided.