Acute respiratory viral diseases

Acute respiratory viral diseases (actual respiratory diseases) in the structure of General morbidity, according to different authors vary from 2,9 to 6.3 %.
Regarding actual respiratory diseases in athletes in the literature there are data of a General nature that they during epidemics are sick less than those not involved in sports [Oleshchuk centuries, 1979, and others].
Interesting are data P. I. Lomaeva et al. (1975). These authors found that athletes get sick actual respiratory diseases is almost 2 times less frequently (554 per 1,000)than non-athletes (920 per 1000). This is due to the higher resistance of the body of an athlete pathogenic factors of environment compared with persons not involved in sports. This was also indicated by the data I. P. Makarova (1961) on the incidence of actual respiratory diseases in many thousands collective of workers of one factory: among workers athletes it for the year amounted to 228 per 1,000, and not athletes in 3 times - 692 per 1,000 workers. In addition to that already in itself very important circumstances, I. P. Limarev et al. found that athletes recover faster - in an average of 3.6 days, but not athletes suffer 5 days. Due to the fact that actual respiratory diseases occur in athletes more easily, some athletes do not attach due importance to the light malaise and continue to work and even to take part in competition, resorting to medical help only when expressed intoxication effects. This view is consistent with the data of L. Mecl (1965), who examined during the epidemic of influenza 100 athletes, who considered themselves in the time of the survey healthy. It turned out that 40 of them had symptoms of the flu, with 22 body temperature was above 37 deg C. it is Difficult not to agree with the opinion of the author that untreated actual respiratory diseases, against which ongoing exercise, create a real risk of different complications, as well as the development of chronic respiratory diseases. A similar position Karen A. (1965), who established that untreated and poorly treated actual respiratory diseases in athletes in 30 % of cases was the reason for the development of respiratory diseases.
Thus, the need for active revealing of actual respiratory diseases in athletes and their full treatment with the mandatory prohibition of training and competitions until full recovery is obvious.