Osarsol (Osarsolum; synonym: Asetarsol, Stovarsol; list a) - protevoepilepticescoe means; C-acetamido-4 oksifenil-arsenic acid. Contains 27% of arsenic (see Arsenic, drugs). For late syphilis osarsol assign inside of 0.25 g I - 4 times a day (cycles in 5 days with breaks in 3 days). The highest daily intake into 1 g, course - 30-40, When treating osarsola should beware of arsenic poisoning.
With urogenital trichomoniasis O. apply per vaginam 0.25 g in the form of powder or pellets. Treatment 1 time in 2-3 days 2-3 weeks for three menstrual cycles. Method of production: powder and tablets 0.25 g
Keep in closed banks orange glass.
Cm. also Protivoepilepticheskie funds.