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Errors and omissions in the diagnosis and treatment

Notably, the late diagnosis of the disease. Almost 60 % of women with endometriosis is diagnosed later than 5 years after the appearance of the characteristic clinical signs of disease. The exception is ectocervical endometriosis cervix, which is recognized in the first year.
Especially bad is the situation with the diagnosis of congenital endometriosis in young patients. Skillfully assembled family history, revealing anomalies of genital organs, organs of the urinary system and other and timely use of laparoscopy allow for early identification of endometriosis and start a targeted treatment, including surgery in the savings volume.
The opposite mistake is overdiagnosis of endometriosis. Not all even escalating cycle of disease are of endometriosis.
The most common mistake is to treatment among patients with hormonal drugs without the use of immunomodulators and stimulation of non-specific resistance of the organism; the appointment of hormonal treatment without regard somatic pathology (disease of liver, pancreas, gall bladder and others). A significant omission is conducting long-term hormone therapy without the maintenance of the liver, pancreas, removal of neurological manifestations of endometriosis and the correction of existing medical conditions.
A lot of trouble sick cause hormonal drugs without regard to their individual tolerance (ignored heavy dyspeptic symptoms, excessive weight gain, which during the year is as high as 15-20 kg, and others). One cannot disregard the fact that in the peripheral fat tissue happen aromatization of androgens and their transformation into estrogen [Bernstein L. M., Diliman Century Meters, 1979; Mamaeva, M, 1986; Hudson, 1987, and others]. This could support the activity of endometriosis, including after oophorectomy.
Hormone therapy in the presence of hyperplastic processes in mammary glands to easily determine the character of these processes. The establishment of the efficient nature hyperplasia dictates the necessity of treatment of patients together with the oncologists and inclines the decision of a question for surgery.
Intensive antibacterial therapy for the acute inflammatory preprocess caused by endometriosis, not only useless but harmful.
Ignoring oncological aspects of endometriosis in the process of conducting long-term hormone therapy. We mean not only the possibility of malignancy endometriosis, but more frequent development in such patients breast cancer, colon and stomach.
Are the cases of hormonal treatment of endometriosis in patients previously operated on for cancer, with subsequent chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Rough mistake is recommended conservative treatment when combined with endometriosis submucosal fibroids, hyperplastic processes in mammary glands, chronic gastroduodenitis and cholecystopancreatitis. It is about patients, having submucosal fibroids, a whole bunch of somatic diseases, which is a contraindication to long-term hormone therapy (hypertension with krizovam over).
Most of the flaws in the issues of surgical treatment. Among them - a delayed the solution of the problem of surgical treatment, when it is, the testimony. Often subjective improvement (decrease pain) is a reason for refusal from operations, despite started gidroenergeticheskiy transformation as a result of the stenosis of the ureter (s), severe anemia, loss of ability to work. Unfortunately, these women are often the polyvalent Allergy.