Complications of vulvita

The fusion of the labia. Young girls often observed fusion of the labia before hormonal functions. According to some authors, more or less expressed bonding labia in the first year of life occurs in 10-20% of girls. Bonding or fusion of the labia is more common in girls at the age of 2-6 years.
Of fusion of the labia almost without exception, are the consequence of infection; fusion is sometimes so severe that it can be taken for the complete fusion of the labia. Sometimes fusion occurs due to poor hygienic rules, and sometimes after a severe form of vulvita.
Of fusion of the labia in some cases so severe that a doctor may suspect a atresia of the vagina. Naturally, this change is not an innate and not caused by the action of hormones mother. From questioning the mother reveals that external genitals the girl at birth were normal and that the girl had vulvit that led to these changes.
In inflammatory diseases of the vulva arise surface erosion and excoriation of skin, the formation of adhesions, which can lead to a complete fusion of the labia and atresia of the vagina. In severe cases, the process involved and the external urethral opening, the illness is complicated by the difficulty urinating.
To distinguish the fusion of the labia inflammatory origin from congenital fusion of the labia, it is necessary to consider that sex organs girls at birth were normal and that in history appears vulva. When growths labia and inflammatory conditions the picture is quite characteristic. Huffman indicates that these children, as a rule, there is a thin line hem, located medial and pointing to the line of fusion. Usually relatively easy to penetrate a thin probe on the eve of the vagina for the spikes and then becomes visible vaginal hole. With the beginning of the allocation of oestrogen hormones usually self-separation labia. In the period of puberty in girls is not met fusion of the labia.
First of all it is necessary to establish the cause of the disease. If the fusion of the labia is a consequence of the inflammatory process and no complications on the part of the urinary system, the treatment of the uncomplicated. In most cases, labia, you can disconnect your fingers; avoid re-bonding labia this area should be regularly washed and kept clean. There is no need for surgical intervention, because after applying ointments containing estrogens, labia usually take its normal position.
Fusion of the foreskin of the clitoris. Some of the girls already at birth there are bridges between the foreskin and the glans of the clitoris. In most cases the cause of cicatrices is the lack of child care, as between neighboring folds often you can find the accumulated smegma. Most often fusion asymptomatic and the child usually knows about them. In some cases accumulated smegma causes irritation and itching, the child's brushing her Clit, which could lead to aggravation of the inflammatory process, and sometimes to the formation of an abscess.
If the child does not impose any complaints fairly regularly wash the area with warm water. When appropriate evidence separate the foreskin of the clitoris under General anesthesia. Already in early childhood can be applied ointments containing estrogen because they contribute to the dissolution of the growths.
Neurogenic Beli. Children nevropatol sometimes there are so-called neurogenic Beli (Kleinschmidt and Bigler). Liquid discharge milky color are the product of incremental sexual glands; emphasis is usually scarce and do not cause local changes of vulva. In puberty psychogenic Beli can be caused by sexual excitement, sexual frustration or fear (Salacz, 1955). For these whiter it is characteristic that their number depends on the state of the child's mind.
In bacteriological respect neurogenic Beli remind Beli in exudative diathesis. It is necessary in each case to exclude exudative diathesis.
In addition to the observance of General hygiene rules, you need to spend a restorative treatment and recommend sporting activities.
Conditionally Beli. This form whiter has almost no clinical value because the selection is usually scarce and do not cause serious complaints, selection of the most often watery or the color of milk, have a small viscosity. Conditionally Beli described in children suffering from anemia, tuberculosis, diabetes and chronic constipation.
You must treat the underlying disease and to keep clean genitals.