The examination of the scene

During the examination of the scene where the death occurred as a result of gunshot wounds, are of great importance as the examination of the corpse and the search for specific items of evidence. Carefully record the position and the position of the corpse, the presence or absence of weapons, ammunition, spent shells, bullets, shot, wads. All this register with an accurate indication of the distance and location of the detected material evidence in relation to the body and its parts. On the weapon, especially in the barrel, you may find zakapyvanii, traces of blood, particles of tissues and organs. Note puddles and streaks of blood drops and their position, direction and forms spray on surrounding objects. Compare the position of the corpse with the characteristics of the traces of blood. Detailed look on the clothing, which also note the presence (or absence) of blood, its stains that helps in establishing the position of the body at the moment of injury. On clothing and corpse ascertain the presence of input and output gunshot holes (RAS) with the mandatory characteristic of typical characteristics. Approximately determine the direction of the wound channel, taking into account the localization of the input and output of a gunshot wound and location of the bullet, if it is detected. When the blind and multiple gunshot wounds to judge the direction of the wound channel possible only with the full autopsy of the corpse. Determine the distance from which made the shot, the peculiarities of its marks around the inlet on clothing and skin. Sometimes you can pronounce on the weapon by the nature of the deposition of soot, form a "Stans-mark" and other
At the scene strictly forbidden to wash or RUB the area of the inlet and outlet openings of any kind sensing wound channel, removing from bullet wounds, wad, fragments of bones and other Svobodnaia bullets, wads, detected by an expert in the folds of clothing, passed to representatives of bodies of inquiry and investigation.
In the direction of the wound channel in some cases it is possible to judge about the position of the shooter and the victim, as well as the possibility of a shot with his own hands. The position of the victim can be restored in the investigative experiment on the basis of the investigation and expert data, as well as the nature of the combination of wounded several areas of the body by one bullet. The direction of the shot at an angle less than 90 degrees determine the form and nature of impregnation components shot around the entrance wounds, and uneven severity of corbel sednenie (Fig. 72).
The fact of the shot by a specific person can be installed by identifying deposits soot and particles of powder on clothes, skin (face, hands) and in the nose shot (Fig. 73).

Fig. 72. Zakapyvanii the shot. a - at the right angle; b - sharp angle.

Fig. 73. Zakapyvanii if to brush after breaking a self-made pistol - "ignition" at the moment of shooting