The inspection of the accident

Visiting the scene of a traffic accident has its own specifics and difficulties, and it should be done with the obligatory presence of a forensic expert.
Accidents on the streets of settlements involve stopping traffic, which must be restored in the shortest possible time. Victims should be immediately transported to the hospital. In case of death of the corpse of the victim cannot be left for inspection at the scene. In connection with this very great importance, the traces of which remain in place of a traffic accident. Each type of vehicle has a characteristic rut and the turning radius of the wheel. Prints wheels allow to judge about a specific protector and type of the car and brake marks possible to determine the speed.
In the Protocol of examination of the scene capture the relative positions of the vehicle that caused the injury, and the position of the body of the victim, traces tread under the corpse, location of individual parts of the service (footwear, headgear), parts of cargo if the vehicle overturns.
The scene is photographed, make a plan with the indication of the sizes and distances (in centimeters). During the inspection of the vehicle identify parts that could be caused by damage (these places photographed separately and large-scale), measure the height from the ground of these parts to match with localization of lesions that found among the victims. In addition, parts of machines can be found in various physical evidence and overlay (part of the service or its fibres epidermis, hair, blood and others).