The basis of General nursing

The basis of the shared care is to create a hygienic situation and the appropriate mode in the hospital, direct individual patient care, proper nutrition and strong follow medical prescriptions, constant monitoring of patients. Nursing starts with good and fast organization of necessary assistance in the reception ward of the medical institution.
Nurse helps seriously ill to undress, if necessary, carefully cut the clothing and footwear. Clothes are put in a special bag. After sanitary treatment, the patient wear hospital clothing and transferred to the ward in support of the nurses. Seriously ill patients are transported on a gurney or armchairs, accompanied by a nurse. In the emergency Department nurse often helps in providing emergency care. Transporting seriously ill within the medical institution, observing the General rules, as quickly and carefully avoiding bumps. Stretcher patients are 2 or 4 people, walking tall "out of step"with short steps. When climbing the stairs of the patient are, headfirst, when descending the stairs - feet first, in both cases raise the foot end of the stretcher. Carrying and transferring the patient to the hands can do 1, 2 or 3 people. If the patient takes 1 person, he brings one hand under the shovels, the other - under the thigh of the patient; the patient keeps carrying arms around his neck. In carrying or moving sharply weakened and ill necessarily involved a nurse. At shifting seriously ill from the stretcher to the stretcher bed set at right angles to the bed so that the foot end of the stretcher was closer to the head end of the bed (or Vice versa). Nurses should be good to learn the rules of carrying the sick to be able, if necessary, to instruct the younger medical staff.
In the ward nurse checks readiness beds, bedside toiletries, personal care items and alarm. For critically ill necessary washer, oilcloth, urine, rubber circle, bedside consoles. Introduction patients with routine and regime of the hospital should be done immediately at receipt. Mode offices and individual patient requires strict observance of the daily routine and proper behaviour of patients and medical staff.
Depending on the nature and severity of the disease, patients may appoint strict bed rest (not allowed to sit), in bed (you can move in bed, leaving her), pruposely mode (you can walk around the room and the bathroom) and the so-called General regime, which is not significantly limits the motor activity of the patient. Nurse, ward or Postovaya, ensures that patients carefully complied with the regulations and the prescribed regime. Performing manipulations and delivery of medicines should not coincide with the hours of eating, sleep and rest of the patients, with the exception of emergency or hourly following medical prescriptions. Be sure that the Department had no noise: should talk in a low voice, move furniture quietly, the work of medical equipment, the movement of wheelchairs must be silent and so on
Hygienic conditions is achieved by thorough cleanliness of the premises. Cleaning chambers make wet, 2 times a day: in the morning after getting up the sick and the evening before bedtime. Walls, window frames, doors, furniture wipe with a damp cloth; the floor is being washed or wiped with a brush, wrapped with a damp cloth. Daily inspect the contents of bedside tables, avoiding accumulation of products and unnecessary things. Perishable foods should be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic; bags, to which is attached a note with the name of the patient. The contents of the fridge is monitored at least once a week a senior nurse. The air in the chambers should always be fresh, which is supply-and-exhaust ventilation and ventilation (open in winter transoms 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes drive, the summer window can be opened round the clock). In winter, when the ventilation of heat is needed to cover the patient blanket, his head covered with a towel, face to remain open, except in those cases when the inflow of cold air causes irritation of the upper respiratory tract. The room temperature must be constant, in the range of 18-20 degrees, the humidity is 30-60%. To increase the humidity in the wards put open tanks with water to decrease increase ventilation. Electric lamps must be covered with a matte shades at night light bulbs to low intensity (the night).