Basis of methods of physical therapy

With the help of medical physical culture objectives for diseases of the digestive system: 1) having a positive effect on mental and emotional sphere; 2) development and improvement of external and especially diaphragmatic breathing; 3) the normalization of secretory and motor, absorption and excretory functions of the digestive system; 4) improvement of lymph and blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis organs; 5) strengthening the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor; 6) regulation of intra-abdominal pressure, ensuring the prevention of constipation, congestion and adhesive processes.
Therapeutic physical culture is used in the decay phase of exacerbation and remission. In the acute phase of the disease and complications therapeutic physical culture must be stopped.
The technique of medical physical culture provides a combination of General developmental and special exercises. General developmental exercises have a tonic effect on the Central nervous system, improve the function of the digestive system and metabolism. As a special exercises are used exercises for the muscles surrounding the abdominal cavity, exercise, relaxation and breathing exercises.
Exercises for the abdominal muscles are appointed with the phase of the disease. They are shown if necessary, increase peristalsis, secretory function of the stomach and bile outflow. In acute and subacute phase exclude them.
Exercise in relaxation reduce the tone of muscles of the stomach and intestines, relieve spasm privratnika stomach and sphincter.
Diaphragmatic breathing exercises type have a massaging effect on the liver, stomach and intestines.
The choice of initial conditions depends on the nature of the exercises and phase of the disease. For exercises in muscle relaxation, and also after the exacerbation of the disease is the most favorable starting position lying down. Sitting exercises are performed on the bed and polumetallam modes. To mechanically move the stomach and intestinal loops, and to limit the impact on the abdominal muscles are starting position in stop kneeling and standing.
Depending on the phase of the disease are determined by the pace and rhythm of the exercise. In the subacute phase applies slow and monotonous rhythm, and when complete remission is recommended any paced and changing rhythms.