Fundamentals of General pathology

Pathology - the doctrine of the disease. This word is formed from two Greek words - pathos, meaning suffering, disease, and logos - science.
With all the variety of diseases that occur in humans, they have shared characteristics and properties of the same pathological processes can occur in various organs and tissues, a principal cause of occurrence of these processes are often the same factors of external and internal environment.
All these General regularities of pathological processes are studied in the section called General pathology. The processes developing in the individual diseases are studied in the so-called private pathology.
The study of pathology in the course of sports medicine is necessary for students of colleges of physical education and schools coaches because the athletes can meet a variety of diseases. In some cases this is because due to insufficient medical control the sport begin to deal with people who already have certain diseases. In other deviations in health occur during the exercise. Everyone, including the athlete, can get under unfavorable factors of the environment; the emergence of the disease in the athlete can contribute irrational training, wrong nutrition and life, is not compatible with the implementation of intense muscular work.
That's why the teacher and trainer it is important to know the basic manifestations of pathology, to understand the reasons and mechanisms of diseases; be able to identify where you may be in danger to the health of the athlete to correctly decide whether to continue training or immediately stop whether you must consult doctor what first aid to assist the athlete and other
Not knowing the General regularities of pathological processes - General pathology, it is impossible to understand the changes that occur in athletes at separate diseases, i.e. private pathology (reported in a special section of the course of sports medicine). Acquaintance with local pathology should, in particular, the study of the application of physical exercises therapeutic purposes - medical physical culture.