Peculiarities of labor activities and the complex characteristics of the health of persons of pre-pension and pension age

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Improvement, mechanization and automation of production processes to reduce physical costs, increase productivity and intensity. However, over the age of 40 years, the performance of intense work is difficult. Therefore, with age comes a mismatch between increased work intensity and declining functional capacity of the organism. In this case, you are working with a gradually increasing fatigue.
Absolute decline with age functionality of the body is not a synonym of professional disability, as necessary volume and quality of work can be an old man when providing specific conditions. The high degree of "impact" at the expense of creative maturity, perfection of professional knowledge and skills is the basis of sufficient efficiency and effectiveness of workers of pre-retirement and retirement age. Of industrial importance and value of persons of this age are determined not only by individual productivity. Individual professional performance and the collective influence each other in the production process.
In modern conditions the question of the relationship of the individual and collective, about the human factor in work closely linked to the tasks of education manufacturers of all age and job categories, the growth of the productive forces, scientific and technical progress, problems of preservation of health, high efficiency, productivity and extend the period of production activity. The work in all areas of industrial production is becoming increasingly collective. The correct part of the production team has a positive impact on maintaining the health and productivity of all its participants. Questions of formation and development groups, associated with the age of the individuals of the first importance in the development of problems of scientific organization of labour.
As we have set, persons older than 40 years have a positive impact on the health and productivity of the community in which they work. In specially selected teams (groups)that do the same type of work on indicators as main and auxiliary works, labour productivity was 10-12% higher than in the cases, when in groups worked 1-2 engineer pre-pension and pension ages, compared with the groups in which they were not. When calculating the average age of each team identified a direct correlation between the increase (up to 45 years) and the work carried out. The acquisition of groups and teams of 10-15 people you want each of them to enter 2 persons of the senior age.
Directed regulation of the organization of the team and relations between people of different age contributes to maintaining the health and increase individual productivity and performance of the entire team.
Therefore, persons of pre-retirement and retirement age perform more difficult, responsible and hard work. They identified high productivity. In addition, older engineers have a positive impact on the productivity of the community in which they work. Artificial renewal of the personnel is not desirable, as it can lead to the loss of many valuable production qualities.
The resolution of major problems in physiology of labour is to a great extent related to the possibility of the complex characteristics of health. This assessment is necessary to solve a number of serious problems, among which are the following: labor regulation, the monitoring of impact on each individual innovations related to the organization of labour, the regime of work and rest, application and introduction of technical innovations, selection of the type of activity and the opportunity of transition from one type of work to another, correct professional orientation and professional selection, organization and construction of production teams and other