Coal industry

Sanitary conditions of work in the coal mines are characterized by a number of features. Mining completely devoid of daylight. All work and movement in mine happening in the artificial light. The work in the mine flows in conditions peculiar microclimate, depending on depth has been found, the geography of the territory in which this is mine, videobollenti coal seam and its overlying rocks, etc. in Addition, the possible pollution of natural mine gases (methane, carbon dioxide) and nitroethane, carbon oxide while blasting works. One of the adverse factors is the dust generated in the process of coal mining, transportation, lifting, loading, off-loading.
Most of the length and depth of the mines are difficult to ventilate, the organization of water supply and other
Small dimensions of the faces in the presence of bulky equipment, most of the length of electrical cable create conditions for occurrence of injuries. Work pneumatic chipping hammers, electric machines, harvesters accompanied by noise and vibration.
Mechanization of production processes, undertaken with a view to facilitating labour, in some cases, improves and sanitary-hygienic conditions of work.
Stationary lighting in the mines is carried out by means of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. In addition, the workers are supplied with portable rechargeable lamps.
With the purpose of struggle against mine and explosive gases, dust in mines arranged mechanical ventilation.
Reduction of dust apply a hydraulic method in the conditions of coal dust-free cutting coal seams of thin jets under great pressure. Effective measure to reduce dust is irrigation coal water using special nozzles and other
To prevent getting wet and cool the body, injuries and skin-pustular diseases of workers of the mines supplied rational overalls. The main type of clothing miners is a suit or a dress, consisting of trousers and jacket (dense cotton fabric). When working in wet mines clothing is made from waterproof fabric. To protect the feet are used rubber boots and flannel lining. For respiratory protection from dust and gases working supplied respirators, filter masks.
In the structure of morbidity with temporary disability great place injuries, flu, pustular diseases, diarrhoeal diseases and worm infestation. Of occupational diseases in miners may be pneumoconiosis, bursitis, nystagmus, hookworm.