"Holy mother of smallpox"

The sons of the king Chilperic, Governor of Gaul, in the VI century, told his father was baptized. The time has come alarming is the country to have an unknown disease. Especially ruthless she was a child.
Royal sons also fell ill: first one, then another. Sad Queen decided that the accident was sent to her family in punishment for the oppression suffered by the people. Then she threw into the fire painting of new taxes. But the children still died.
In Europe penetrated the epidemic of smallpox.
Her Motherland are the countries of Asia. In India and China for many centuries before our era were the temples of the Holy mother of smallpox". Local residents noticed one peculiarity. If you invest smallpox scabs patient in the nose of healthy person, he felt unwell, but quickly recovered. But later, during another outbreak of smallpox, was that the disease is such a person proceeded easier or even avoided. Why is this happening, no one knew.
Once visiting European countries, smallpox did not want to leave them. Since the XV century it annually gathered his abundant harvest - was contracted to five hundred thousand people. In Asia, this figure has doubled.
From the XVII century, the epidemic has declared itself in the North-East of Siberia. In 1610 in Narym died half the population of the city. To deceive the spirit of the disease, people have applied to the body pieces of burning tinder. Turned out traces similar to ryabinki that are left behind smallpox sores.
But the spirit of the illness did not believe them. He continued to tag people, rewarding many who survived, deafness, blindness, ugliness. Smallpox moved from South to North and from West to East. Over the years she has been in some areas of Russia from five to twenty-four times.
In England from the smallpox epidemics were dying every tenth patient. But this country has given the world of Edward Jenner and his method of immunization.