Osteoarthritis is a joint inflammation with the defeat of the articulated bones in it. There are osteoarthritis infectious - specific (mainly tuberculosis and nonspecific (purulent anaerobic) and osteoarthritis non-dystrophic). Acute and the most difficult flow and purulent anaerobic osteoarthritis, especially osteoarthritis of fire origin (see Arthritis, Joints, damage). Dystrophic processes of deforming are more likely to cause chronic osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthrosis (osteoarthritis; from the Greek. osteon - bone and arthron - joint - inflammation of a joint, lesion of the epiphyses articulated bones. Osteoarthritis is one of the forms of arthritis.
There are deforming osteoarthritis, which is usually attributed to the group of degenerative arthritis, and O. belonging to the group of infectious arthritis. Infectious Acting on etiology are divided into non-specific (caused by any of the pathogens of purulent or anaerobic infection) and specific (tuberculosis, syphilis). Non-infectious osteoarthritis usually flows sharply, his appearance is related to either open trauma of the joint (especially firearms), or the infection spreads hematogenous route - for example, acute purulent Acting in haematogenic epiphyseal osteomyelitis in young children. In this case, infectious hearth first formed in the bone tissue, and then the process applied to other elements of the joint. There are, however, reverse the sequence, especially in osteoarthritis, made it difficult for the injured joint. Specific O. occur chronically (sometimes begin subacute). When tuberculosis O. process extends from primary bone lesion in the joint cavity.
Most adversely flow purulent (and anaerobic) osteoarthritis after gunshot wounds of the joints. The General condition of the wounded is heavy, expressed in the phenomenon of intoxication, often developed sepsis. Local inflammation pronounced, the process may extend to all the tissues of the joints. Only when malevolently microflora firearms O. proceeds without severe intoxication. Clinic and treatment of osteoarthritis - see Arthritis, Osteomyelitis, Joints (damage), Tuberculosis of bones and joints.