• Intervertebral osteochondrosis
  • Osteoarthritis, bring together a group of diseases associated with degenerative-dystrophic processes in the joints.
    Primary deforming osteoarthritis is characterized by degenerative changes in the articular cartilage. In its etiology is essential pre-infectious diseases, chronic toxicity, metabolism disorders, excessive physical load. Pathological process more frequently affected joints of the lower limbs, as they are significantly greater load, especially in obese people. In osteoarthritis of the knee and ankle joints, and joints of the foot greatly disturbed support function. Osteoarthritis of the joints of the upper extremities restrict physical activity, providing work and household activities, often leads to disability.
    Treatment of primary osteoarthritis deformans takes into account the nature of the disease. With slowly progressive disease, priority is given to therapeutic physical training, massage, electro stimulation. Is also used conservative correction of violations of the static (orthopedic shoes, arch supports, splints, braces) and drug therapy (biostimulants, vasodilator drugs). Rapidly progressing form of the disease treated with anti-inflammatory and pain medications, and (in future) physiotherapy and medical physical culture.
    Therapeutic physical culture solves the following tasks: 1) improving blood and lymph circulation in the affected joint, providing trophic and normalizing effect; 2) strengthening the muscular-ligamentous apparatus, contributing to the formation of temporary and permanent compensation and prevention of pathological deformations; 3) restoration of function of the affected joint and normalization posture; 4) increase nonspecific resistance and improve the functioning of internal organs.
    The technique of medical physical culture is built individually, taking into account the gravity of the defeat and the degree of functional disorders. The physical exercises are done lightweight original positions. Special exercises for the affected joint is expedient to combine with a massage in the joint and relaxation exercises. On the background of General developmental exercises are widely used prikladno domestic movement, games. When pronounced stiffness are passive movements and elements mechanotherapy. Should be excluded exercises, with considerable pain, as this may develop reflex contraction.
    In the I period (in bed) physical exercises are done from the original provisions of lying and sitting on the background of the unloading of the affected joint, which in osteoarthritis of the joints of the lower limbs is achieved by reducing or eliminating static load, and when joints are affected upper extremity exercises in warm water in combination with massage.
    In the II period (pruposely mode) increasing the share of General developmental exercises that are made from different starting positions. Special attention is paid to restoration of motor skills and correct posture. With this purpose we recommend exercises that are performed from the source standing with no load on the affected leg. Widely used special exercises and exercises applied nature. With the improvement of the patient's state duration of classes and the number of exercises increase.