Deforming osteoarthritis and intervertebral osteochondrosis. Primary and secondary prevention

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For a long time it was believed that dystrophic process in the joints (osteoarthritis deformans), in the intervertebral joints and discs (osteochondrosis) of a large part of people develops after 60 years, as a "natural" process. Upon detection of the causes and early signs of these diseases in recent decades, it is established that they arise much earlier - at the age of 30-35 years.
The mechanism of development of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease was not clear and largely unclear so far, but about the existence of these diseases has long been known.
Lesions of bones and joints, including the spine, in humans and animals have been set in prehistoric times. Deforming spondylosis as a result of osteochondrosis was found in dinosaur about 110 million years ago. Study of ancient Egyptian tombs showed that the ancient Egyptians suffered from severe disease. She was discovered by the people who lived in the time of Alexander Macedonian (IV century BC).
The materials from the excavations of burial during VI-XII centuries A.D. have allowed to prove the antiquity of many diseases of locomotor apparatus, and above all, deforming osteoarthrosis of large joints and small joints of the vertebrae, ankylosing spondylitis, tuberculous lesions of bones and joints, and the consequences of fractures and other But the causes of these diseases and mechanisms of their development is so complex that many questions to date unclear. It is clear that the basis of the developed deforming osteoarthrosis and intervertebral osteochondrosis lies dystrophic, and not the inflammatory process. How is malnutrition cellular structures which biochemical and morphological changes during this attack, was not known. Meanwhile, the clarification of these issues is of great educational importance for the development of the criteria of early diagnosis and measures primary and especially secondary prevention.
At different stages of development of medical knowledge was expressed different views about these diseases. However, since they were found in elderly and obese women, it was considered that this disease is the result of metabolic disorders. In addition, it was found that the osteoarthritis occurs after bone fractures, therefore, believed that the injury is essential in the development of dystrophic process. Along with these clinical facts established that the intervertebral osteochondrosis, as deforming osteoarthrosis, developed by a substantial proportion of older people - men and women. Hence the view that these diseases occur due to wear epiphyseal cartilage that covers the part of the bone that is involved in the formation of the joint.
This opinion clinicians remained unchanged for many decades of our century and was disseminated among physicians to date. However, it is based more on empirical views than on scientific evidence, and the use of modern biochemical, terminologicheskii, morphological, gistogematicheskie and flow cytometric research has assumed great importance in showing the nature of these diseases and the decision of medical-preventive tasks.
Firmly established that the development of degenerative process in the cartilage of the proceeds long-term. It is associated with complex transformations in the body and equally observed in people with excessive physical strain and in individuals suffering from hypokinesia and engaged in intellectual work. Of course, common triggers the development of deforming osteoarthrosis and intervertebral osteochondrosis in persons of specified professions first, different, and then the nature of the course of disease becomes monotonous, although individual diverse existing components from first and second category of people stored for a long time and different negatively affect them.