Osteoid osteoma

Osteoid osteoma (from the Greek. osteon - bone) - benign osteogenic the tumor. A number of clinicians and radiologists relates osteoid-osteoma to inflammatory processes. Osteoid osteoma observed among children and young people. Affect more femur and tibia.
Macroscopically bone fusiform thickened due to jet peri-rest of bone formation. In the thick sklerozirovanie cortical layer is the nest of a tumor in the form of rounded hearth soft grayish-pink fabric, sometimes in the centre calcified. Periosteal sclerosis with small size of the socket can take a big stretch. When the location of the tumor in the spongy bone area sclerosis can be absent. Microscopically nest tumor has build osteogenic fabrics, rich in blood vessels and round or elongated cells with large hyperchromic cores and a giant multi-core cells osteoblastoclastoma type. Among cellular elements are formed small osteopenia bone beams. Area sclerosis has the structure of compact plate of bone.
The process is accompanied by pain in the affected area or radiating to the nearest joint, initially negligible, then very strong. Typical night of pain that can pass after taking aspirin. With the defeat bones, located close under the skin, can be soft-tissue swelling and muscle atrophy. With the defeat of the spine and ribs can develop scoliosis, with the localization process close joint - sympathetic synovitis.
Osteoid osteoma is located in the cortical or spongy layer of bone, described cases periosteal localization. Radiographically, while lesion in the cortical layer of the tumor looks round the hearth of enlightenment (socket tumors) with a diameter of about 1 cm with clear contours, in its centre - moderate shade. Described cases giant osteoid-esteem in which nest tumor was up to a few centimeters in diameter, sprouted cortical layer, and the area sclerosis was little developed or absent.
Treatment. Surgical removal of nests of the tumor by carefully scraping or bone resection leads to a cure. The incomplete removal there are relapses. Zone reactive sclerosis do not need to delete. Cm. also the Bone tissue (a tumor).