Osteomyelitis is an inflammation of the bone marrow. Essentially when osteomyelitis affects all parts of the bone-bone marrow, bone and periosteum. There are osteomyelitis hematogenousin which pathogens penetrate the bone marrow to the blood, and ehemaligenin which the inflammatory process goes on bone with adjacent tissues and organs (for example, odontogenic osteomyelitis of jaw with the defeat teeth - see Jaw) or develops as a result of infection with open fractures of fire, traumatic osteomyelitis. Downstream osteomyelitis can be acute or chronic. Last either evolve as a consequence of acute osteomyelitis, or arise as a primary chronic.

Osteomyelitis (osteomyelitis; from the Greek. osteon - bone and myelos - brain - is an inflammation of the bone marrow. The term is imprecise, since the osteomyelitis affects all elements of the bone. However, the name "osteomyelitis" has long been firmly established in use, and more correct term "prostit" is rarely used.
Infection when Acting penetrates into the bone or hematogenous or per continuitatem, or directly (in open injuries of bones). In peacetime sharply dominated by hematogenous O.