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Acute abdomen

Unlike adults, if presence of inflammatory changes in the abdominal cavity in children remains abdominal breathing. The most common cause of intestinal obstruction in children and industry (see bowel Obstruction in children), with signs of vomiting, the presence of tight formation in the abdominal cavity in soft stomach and bleeding from the back passage.
In older people, even if the perforation of hollow organs of the General reaction of the body sluggish, low temperature, pulse almost Ochsen. The General condition for a long time remains satisfactory. In inflammatory pain is less localized in nature and is rarely intensive. Protective muscle tension or is manifested by moderate rigidity of the abdominal wall, or missing.
Pattern of acute abdomen may occur early in the disease, localized outside the abdominal cavity, such as pneumonia (especially in children), pleurisy, myocardial infarction, intercostal neuralgia, lead poisoning, renal colic, and others (see Pseudorandomly syndrome)in which urgent surgical treatment is not indicated. Correctly diagnosed in these cases can only surgeon in the hospital after a series of additional studies.
In diseases of the combined name of "acute abdomen", quite a few hours delay in operation to pose a serious threat to the life of the patient. Therefore, patients with suspected one of these diseases are of immediate hospitalization to the surgical Department. To carry them it is necessary cautiously hospital transport and transferred on a stretcher to the hospital bed. Prohibits the use of narcotic drugs (morphine, promedol, omnopon, opium), blackout clinical picture of the disease and preventing the establishing of the final diagnosis and indications for surgery. Only if the patient expressed in the phenomenon of shock or have long-term transportation, valid introduction of the drug; however, in the cover sheet should be described in the clinical picture of the disease before the introduction of anesthetics and certainly marked on the product is introduced, its dose and time. Certainly prohibits the appointment of laxatives and emetics, enemas and lavage of the stomach that may contribute to the perforation of the authority or purulent inflammation of the peritoneum. Do not put a heating pad on the abdomen. It is not recommended to prescribe antibiotics because use of these drugs can create the impression of coming improvements that will cause a delay in operation. Before sending to the hospital for patients with symptoms of perforation of a hollow organ and disorders of cardiac activity shown ice on his stomach and heart drugs (kordiamin 2 ml intramuscularly; 20% oil solution of camphor 3 ml under the skin, caffeine-benzoate sodium 10% solution of 1 ml under the skin). When symptoms of acute intestinal obstruction patient can be entered under the skin kordiamin 2 ml or 20% oil solution, camphor 3 ml of 0.1% solution of atropine sulphate 1 ml Can be put exhaust pipe. Patients with bleeding into the abdomen to send to the hospital on my stomach, put an ice pack. As a hemostatic means you can enter 10 ml of 10% solution of chloride calcium intravenously, 2 ml of 1% solution vikasola intramuscularly. The use of cardiac and stimulants are not shown, as the high blood pressure can increase bleeding.
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