The prognosis of acute pancreatitis

The prognosis of acute pancreatitis is always serious. In severe disease lethal outcome may occur in the first days of the disease in the period of development of shock or collapse, and in the further course of the disease it is possible to serious complications: the development of abscesses, false cysts, fistulas, pylephlebitis, mechanical intestinal obstruction, obstruction of the common bile duct, sepsis, cachexia, etc. are Often relapse, which can leak more serious than first attack of the disease. In the inflammatory process often involves the neighbouring organs: stomach, duodenum, the vessels of the system of portal vein. Absorption of toxic products from the dead and inflamed tissues, as well as violation of the digestive process can cause severe clinical picture of the further course of the disease. The latter is characterized by fever, exhaustion, increase anemia, accelerated ROHE, hypoproteinemia, violated by the ratio of protein fractions, severe electrolyte imbalance. Even under relatively favorable for severe forms of acute pancreatitis process of recovery lasts for many months with the picture hypofunction of the pancreas, with the development of the syndrome of postnecrotic pancreatopathy, manifested dyspeptic symptoms. Often develop chronic relapsing pancreatitis and diabetes. Among people who have had acute pancreatitis ten years ago, Grott (1969) noted diabetes in 35% of cases.
Cause of death in acute pancreatitis are, besides the shock (in the initial period of the disease), various complications: uremia, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, diabetic coma, pulmonary embolism, sepsis, the gap postnecrotic cysts, cachexia. At milder forms of acute pancreatitis may complete recovery.
It is especially difficult to determine prognosis in acute period of the disease. It is more favorable in persons of young age in the absence of shock and more severe in elderly patients with rapid onset, with a picture of shock, renal failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, palpitations, high leukocytosis, brain and peripheral abdominal veins, and with a sharp carbohydrate metabolism. Alcohol aggravates the disease outcome. Heavy flow of postoperative pancreatitis.