From the kidney to recovery

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Reserves of stamina possessed by the kidney, and serve more to the body than to herself. Itself the nephrons protect awkwardly. Moreover, they are among the first to suffer due to the disruption of the blood supply, are under attack pathogens and wayward protective antibodies experience a stone oppression disruptive metabolism,the nephrons without assistance rarely manage to suppress the danger in the Bud. The worst is that many kidney diseases characteristic of chronic long-secret corruption and violent outbursts, which leave an everlasting scars.
Meet kidney disease often. Pyelonephritis, for example, pathologists have 6-20 percent of people who died from various causes. In children pyelonephritis is the frequency the second place, behind only the diseases of respiratory organs. A growing number suffering from urolithiasis. According to some information that affects 1-2% of the world's population. Among large numbers of people with hypertension in about a third it started due to tissue damage and kidney arteries feeding them.
Differing essence painful process, its base, the speed and scope, extent of damage, kidney and urinary tract mutually determine each other. One thing leads to another, and this is the second does not subside first, the deterioration of the functions on the same area dooms to destruction far patterns. In this way the vicious circle, and he squeezes tighter the nephrons. If we don't help, they eventually not stand to pass. This is the chronic renal failure.
It all starts usually with pyelonephritis. It focuses misery kidney suffered in silence, and the infection that are delivered with the blood from some of the hearth. High fever, chills, lower back pain can not remain unnoticed, and treatment generally is not delayed. Prescribe bed rest, antibiotics in combination with chemical antibacterial agents, so as soon as possible elimination of the inflammatory process. It is recommended that more (up to 2.5 liters) to drink fruit, juice, yogurt. Eat - cheese, light farinaceous dishes, puddings, raw and cooked vegetables. When the state will improve slightly, give eggs, boiled lean beef, and even better veal, that is the most easily digestible protein. The amount should be more than enough, because there is an amplified its collapse. There is no need to limit salt.
Usually for 10-12 days in the hospital acute effects subside. So relatively peacefully develop (but not over!) the event, if not broken outflow from the kidneys. In this case, immediately raises the question of surgical treatment of nephrons, tool or operational. Wait, hoping for some medications, is unacceptable. Each day of unjustified delay means more profound defeat of the body and more serious intervention. The surgeon will have to invade pelvis, and often in the kidney, leave there drainage tube even when the stone was lower corked the ureter. And do it surgery earlier, has to be limited to remove the stone, without drainage.
Lost time is fraught with transition purulent inflammation in the form. From infiltrates that dot the kidney, pustules are formed, more in the cortical layer. In the blood come products purulent intoxication appear signs of sepsis, infection of the blood. Large areas, fused pustules tissue die, melt - occurs carbuncle (closer to the surface) or abscess in depth.
Such destruction, threatening the results can lead unquenched fire infectious inflammation. And extinguished? And the main thing - when he dies away completely? Let's count the days, in the most optimistic calendar: everything goes smoothly, the treatment was started without delay and without surgery. The third or the fifth day, the temperature decreases to normal, then goes back pain, in the next two weeks pleasing and urine tests. The blood "calms down" in the next 3-4 weeks. To extinguish the flame in the best cases, required 5 weeks counting from the moment of infection in the kidney, from the first spark. Earlier interrupt antibacterial treatment is impossible. Then, if the disease is not in violation of regulations such medications taken within six months from 7 - 10 days each month. But this is not enough for complete peace of mind. 2 more years quarterly doing a control examination. Will be normal test results can be considered the fire extinguished.