Ear pain

An Earache - pain in the ear without visible pathological changes in it. Pain arises from irradiation in my ear pain from other foci outside the ear. Such lesions are most often: bad tooth (especially the wisdom teeth), the joints of the lower jaw, salivary glands and the Palatine tonsils, pathological processes in the larynx (tuberculosis, tumor).
The treatment should be directed at the underlying disease. Symptomatically - heat on the ear, inside- amidopyrine, analgin.

Ear pain (from the Greek. ous, otos - ear and algos - pain) - ear pain arising on the type of disease control ear nerves or as a result of irradiation in my ear pain of the inflammatory focus outside of the ear. In studies of patients with pain in the ear not find any changes, but with careful research you can find irritative hearth where the pain radiating to the ear. Such pain may be caused by diseases of the teeth, and joints of the lower jaw, when the tonsil stone, congestion of traffic, with angina, peritonsillar abscesses and other diseases of the throat; mumps and tuberculosis and malignant tumors of the larynx. Treatment for Acting should be aimed at eliminating irritative hearth. In the future, if necessary, apply physiotherapy.