Rules of medical screening and referral of children

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Efficiency of Spa care for children, rational use of each of sanatorium berths largely dependent on the correct statement of the medical screening and referral of patients to sanatorium-resort treatment, and also from the clear control over the implementation of permits.
At the organization of medical screening and referral of children for sanatorium-resort therapy should be guided by the order of Ministry of health of the USSR dated may 16, 1983, № 580 "On approval of the rules of medical screening and referral of patients (adults, teenagers and children) to sanatorium-resort and outpatient Spa treatment" (Annex 2).
Decide on the need of sanatorium-resort treatment of the child, the right choice of sanatorium establishments, in which it is most expedient to direct the treatment of the sick child, depending on the nature of his illness, fully depends on the competence of the attending physician and specialists, members of the sanatorium-resort selection Committee (SKOK). That is, they assumed personal responsibility for the quality of the selection and referral of children for sanatorium-and-Spa treatment. Doctors should strictly follow "Indications and contraindications for referral of children for sanatorium-resort treatment", approved by the Ministry of health of the USSR and negotiable depending on the subordination of sanatorium institutions with the Central Council on management of the resorts of trade unions or by the Ministry of education of the USSR. You also need to know medical factors and opportunities available to a particular medical institution, which is forwarded to the child.
For the direction of the patient in the children's sanatorium, you must have the appropriate decision SKOK, which shall be based on the physician's medical records, the Protocol is documented and recorded in sanatorium-resort card for children - form # 076/(Annex 3).
When deciding on the direction of a sick child for treatment in the sanatorium of the Ministry of health resort map with the decision SKOK is issued in strict accordance with the plan of allocation of permits on medical and preventive treatment facility, district, city, region.
Contingent of patients of children in need of sanatorium-resort treatment, revealed in medical examination of the population of children doctors of the children's polyclinic and at discharge the children in the hospital for immediate transfer them to an aftercare in the local sanatorium. Lists of children in need of sanatorium-resort treatment, order of referral to medical treatment, registration of issued vouchers are relevant sanatorium-resort selection Committee. Accounting for sales of vouchers to sanatoriums local, Republican and all-Union significance should be separated.
Organizes the work SKOK and exercises control over its activity appropriate higher body health. The responsibility for the organization of accounting, screening and referral of sick children for sanatorium-and-Spa treatment in the whole country, province, land, city entrusted to management of treatment-and-prophylactic help to children and mothers of the ministries of health of the Union and Autonomous republics, on the relevant units of the regional, provincial, municipal health departments.
Before sending the child to sanatorium-resort treatment, especially in the balneological resort, the physician is obliged to organize the patient reorganization of chronic foci of infection, carious teeth, antihelminthic treatment, and clinical and laboratory examination. The responsibility for proper and full execution of documents needed for admission of the child to the resort is the responsibility of the treating physician.