otematata.Otematata (tamatama) - a collection of blood under perichondrium and cartilage, sometimes between the skin and cartilage, on the lateral surface of the auricle in the top third (Fig.). There otematata due to injury of the ear, often under strong attack (otematata wrestlers, boxers, long pressing hard pillows. Sometimes in otematata are not blood and a yellowish liquid. Treatment: in the light cases, the imposition of a pressure bandage, in a heavy puncture with suction fluid - filled syringe, the introduction of a few drops of iodine tincture and the imposition of a pressure bandage. In persistent cases , the incision with scraping and removal of the pathological content. After washing oral antibiotics and powder sulfonamides - primary closure. The danger of perichondritis, chondrite - open maintain wounds.

Otematata (othaematoma; from the Greek. ous, otos - ear; haima, blood) - accumulation of blood in the thickness of the ear. Usually occurs or at a single obstruction of the ear or at constant pressure on her; often as a sports injury with Boxing or some form of struggle. O. usually in the upper part of the front (outer) surface of the auricle; externally - swelling reddish-blue, covered with normal skin, palpation fluctuates, usually painless.
Otematata contains fluid, consisting of lymph and blood, which is not folded. In the result of damage to the lymphatic and blood vessels fluid between nadgradnja and skin or between nadgradnja and cartilage (Fig., 1).
At the same time can be cartilage damage. If secondary infection may be formed perihodit and necrosis of the cartilage that causes deformation of the ear. Small themata you can eliminate the overlaid pressure bandage; outside grease with tincture of iodine and apply cold. At the big O. liquid can be aspirated with a syringe in a sterile environment; after sucking inject a few drops of tincture of iodine to accelerate scarring or impose the same way the solution of antibiotics to prevent scurvy.
Large preservetagcase O. should be open. To do this, make a bow-shaped incision at the top or bottom on the edge of O. (Fig., 2); delete the contents of Acting, the wound is sutured, and in the middle leave open for plugging. Recently surgery produce more often through the rear surface of the auricle: remove cartilage in the field name and then its contents, the wound is sutured; the skin of the ear on both sides pressed and is fixed with a thread. To prevent perichondritis and deformities of the ear prescribe antibiotics.

Otematata (1) in the upper part of the ear; 2 - slit at the opening of otematata: bottom and top (on Passou - Claus).