Otitis (from the Greek. ous, otos - ear - ear infection. There are external otitis (inflammation of the ear and the ear), otitis media (inflammation of the auditory tube and tympanic cavity) and the inner ear, or labyrinthitis (see).
External otitis. There are two forms - limited (a boil external ear canal) and diffuse. Limited external otitis develops as a result of infection in hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin fibrous cartilage part of the external ear canal. Sometimes the process applied to the parotid tissue. Development boil contribute minor injuries (e.g. manipulation in ear canal), especially in patients with purulent inflammation of the middle ear. Symptoms: severe pain in the ear, smack in the head, teeth, neck. The pain increases when chewing, pressed on the trestle, stretching for the ear. If the lumen of the external ear canal is closed boil or pus, reduced hearing. When viewed (sometimes directly at the entrance to the ear canal can see the boil (see). Treatment: in the ear canal impose tampon moistened Borovskoy liquid or boric alcohol; compresses on ear, lamp sollux, UHF. Sometimes make the cut. When expressed General phenomena prescribe antibiotics. In protracted situations employ the autohemotherapy (see).
Diffuse inflammation of the outer ear caused minor skin injuries ear, her irritation with pus. Symptoms: itching, burning sensation in the ear, sometimes mild pain, poor highlight of the ear with a smell; it is the lowering of the hearing. The pressure on the trestle and stretching for the ear is less painful than boils. In ear canal is swelling and hyperemia of the walls, the shedding of the epidermis. Hyperemia sometimes extends to the ear drum (see). Treatment: in the ear canal impose tampon moistened Borovskoy liquid or boric alcohol, the skin of the ear canal grease syntomycin emulsion, oxyconton.

Perihodit ear, developing as a result of infection of nadgraditi at wounds, burns, frostbite ear, often has severe (see the Outer ear).
Boil the ear develops as a consequence of infection in hair follicles and sebaceous glands during of manipulations in ear canal hairpins, matches, itches. Main symptom is pain in the ear, aggravated by chewing. The pressure on the trestle, on the lower wall of the ear canal, stretching the ear is very painful. The ear canal in cartilaginous part narrowed or almost closed. Hearing reduced only in the complete closure of the lumen of the ear canal. Regional lymph nodes are enlarged, painful. The temperature is slightly elevated. Treatment - compresses, alcohol pads, antibiotics, autogama and physical therapy. To cut it is better to resort only when complications.
Spilled external otitis (otitis externa diffusa) is caused by infection of cracks and abrasions of the skin, as well as chemical and thermal burns, mechanical damage. Symptoms of itching, pain, stuffy ear, small purulent discharge with an unpleasant smell. Skin redness and thickened, covered endothelial epidermis and pus; walls often stick to each other. Treatment - warming compress, lubrication ear canal 2-3% solution of silver nitrate or yellow mercury ointment. Used tampons with syntomycin with ointments, antibiotics.