The rejection of food are always specific cause

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Very often parents concerned about poor appetite of the child, his refusal to eat, vomiting after meals. Sometimes children start to eat only in the case if they are reading stories, sing songs, promise gifts and even dance in front of them. Proper nutrition is of great importance for the health and normal development of the body. You should follow very closely, that it was full, in each case carefully analyzing complaints. The most adequate nutrition in the first months of life is the breast milk, as it contains all necessary for the growth and development of the child. Responsible is the period when you begin to give complementary foods. Here also it is necessary to watch that clock feeding, the quality of complementary foods and variety of the food, because when monotonous diet worsens the child's appetite.
The foods should be started from about 6 months to one year of age of the child can be taken away from the breast.
The main nutrients are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are found in milk, meat, fish, eggs, legumes and some cereals. Cereals should be good to seethe and up to 1.5 years to give mashed, because they are poorly absorbed by the baby. With the appearance of the teeth, on the contrary, vegetables need to give not wiped, to teach the child to actively chewing. Fats better to give the animals and vegetation, avoiding to 3 years of consumption of beef and mutton fat, which is poorly absorbed. The menu is drawn up so as to meat and fish, the child received 4-5 times a week. The use of fat should correspond to the set standards. As the main source of energy for the child carbohydrates, which are many in bread, flour, cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries. Of great importance for the development of the child have vitamins and minerals. Currently, there are about 25 of vitamins. It is enough to recollect, that the lack of vitamin a delayed growth, diseased skin, decreased vision. Its a lot of butter, milk, egg yolk, fish fat, and liver. Vitamin a is found in vegetables, but in the form of special substances - carotene (carrots, tomatoes, spinach and other). In humans, it turns into vitamin A. Low levels of vitamin D causes rickets. It is contained in fish oil, egg yolk and caviar. So is having and other vitamins - B1, B12, C, PP. Their deficiency lowers the body's resistance to various diseases, come violations of the nervous system, skin diseases appear, change the blood and so on minerals are also important, especially salts of calcium, phosphorus and iron. Calcium and phosphorus necessary for the formation of bone tissue, muscles, nervous system, and iron is included in the coloring matter of blood. The much calcium in milk and dairy products, egg yolks and vegetables. Phosphorus is found in meat, cheese, egg yolk, oatmeal and walnuts. In these products contain large amounts of iron. The child must obtain from food required amount of water. Often, lack of appetite depends on the changed activity of salivary glands. Reduced secretion of salivary glands occurs when monotonous food or abuse of sweets. During low secretion of food mechanical begins to irritate mucous membranes of the mouth, her children hardly chew, swallow, and we, not knowing it, we begin to feed them by force, punishment, creating a negative attitude to food intake. Often the same reason underlies vomiting during meals.
Poor appetite affected by the disease processes affecting the child (infection, intoxication, the presence of worms, metabolic disorders, constipation, diseases of nasopharynx and other). Of great importance failure mode and mental trauma. The unhealthy child is often white furred tongue, pointing to an eating disorder. To insist on eating does not follow, as lack of appetite in these cases, even useful.
Sometimes, as pointed out, Etc., Simeon, refusal to eat arises as a consequence of food unpleasant memories about food (the child was hot or tasteless food or frightened him during meals). Are important as monotonous food and turbulent environment surrounding the child, snegovaya, the excessive workload of impressions. We can eliminate almost all of these reasons, you should only carefully consider ambient conditions and apply for help to the doctor. It is impossible to Express anxiety in children; you cannot feed them by force; it is impossible to appease gifts and read while eating and singing - all this will not eliminate the arisen violations, especially as children are often in the future use of their "disease"because they like to be the center of attention.
Five-year Katya agreed there is only when an adult read her fairy-tales. Went to my office, she immediately put me know: "And I'm nervous," clearly expecting the effect. Then she told me that they are going to the theater with my mother. "I am very smart today?"- she asked me, wishing that I noticed a huge, several floors, the bow on her head, obviously hindering the girl. It turned out that Katya never eats without persuasion and tears. The feeding schedule and the General regime of the girl not being respected. She goes to sleep after watching all of television. When I asked her: "What is your favourite dream?", then the girl said, "I love the tale of a soldier and death... it was terrible death. He put her in a bag... It will not be able to come to us?" "she asked me, and in her eyes was such anxiety, which may not be in the eyes of a small child. But to refuse food, Katya after the meal was often vomiting, which was caused due to improper relationship adults. "We all gathered around her, if she was not hungry. Vomiting we tried again to force feed, even tried to punish," said mother.