Friendly relations between boys and girls

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Everyone can congratulate the hero of the occasion has its own unique way: read poems, sing, play a musical instrument.
Such meetings guys can be carried out not only on the day of birth, but on Saturday or Sunday night. How are your children? Many will say: "Bored. Sit all evening in front of TV and watching things that are not necessary. Try to convince them, to remove! In response sounds that have nothing to do boring!".
In the days of meetings, you can pick up children games, puzzles, to teach them songs. Girls on these evenings can show their hospitality and care for the guests, charm and ability to be a hostess.
Excellent condition of education of high culture of communication, for example, is a joint visit to the theatre, Museum, exhibition, Park, etc., Students attending these institutions usually the class. It would be nice to organize cultural trips with a group of guys. Parents of some children,- let it be several boys and girls will go to the theatre, the parents of other next time take kids to the Museum, etc.
Here's the chance for the boys to show their sensitivity to girls. This is where you need girls to stay humble, simple and beautiful and thus would be to educate boys, call them the respect, consideration, thoughtfulness.
After the visit will have a talk, debate, and discussion. And the conversations will be shared, and future interests will also be shared. And will not be exposed hostility, misunderstanding, alienation between boys and girls. They will enthrall General, romance, they will have common tasks.
At the same time, joint communication must be associated not only pleasant, but also useful, good that people need.
Why adults not to help young children whose activity and initiative beat the key, and energy will be enough, perhaps, for the three teenagers, why not combine them into a common noble cause - the patronage of the elderly people? Old people live everywhere, and they often lonely Guys often company are the patrons over them, but over the old lady mainly girls, above the old - boys. Why not together, a group of boys and girls to do things that the power of all? If it is a rural area, boys can and prick fire wood, and water to bring, and to help girls dinner to cook and wash clothes. Joint patronage, undoubtedly, bring together children, teach them not to divide things into male and female, and to help single people is not just a kind word or a newspaper, but a real fact.
Fostering high culture of relations among children, parents, thereby eliminating the possibility of creating a barrier of distance, which often occurs between boys and girls. This remoteness applies mostly to external forms of communication.
Younger boy hesitates to submit girl coats, help her to bear a heavy thing, in older to invite her to the school party on the dance. And at the same time, the desire to communicate with each other in children of different age, of course, remains, And we see the younger guys bolder play with each other not at all, but somewhere around the home or family, where they do not see comrades, and therefore will not tease, and how older children, experiencing greater need to communicate, seek to hide from the eyes of others and be alone.
Thus, the distance between children of different sexes resulting from improper upbringing and wearing an artificial nature, is the reason for the dual behavior, deceitfulness, isolation and, worse, contributes to the emergence of many vicious skills and habits, And in such cases the children as if ashamed to show respect, attention to each other, but, alone, it is not too shy or too bold gestures, or even manifestations seized their needs physical proximity. Who does need such artificial remoteness? To whom it is not clear how harmful it could affect the moral and physical condition of the growing human? Really it's a shame is that we, adults, have failed to teach children the right to communicate, not created.
Raising a young child in a sexual relationship, you need to take great care, tact, and care.