Friendly relations between boys and girls

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Parents should pay particular attention to the relationship between the boys and girls of primary school age.
In girls, physically developing earlier than boys, before there is a desire for friendly communication, interest in cooperative games, the desire to make their appearance, need to be dressed beautifully, well-dressed. Often parents are surprised and concerned about the unknown to them before, as if newly emerged from the daughter of the quality of flirtation: "And his clothes are gone, and shoes are not like at all, want everything to be beautiful".
However, along with the need to be dressed beautifully observed the absence of other very important needs to be neat, neat, neat. Often close to the girls you can see and hands dirty and crumpled collar, and neticesinde shoes, and personal belongings, long seen soap and water.
Girls much earlier than boys, are beginning to take matters friendship. And their peers - the boys are still far from aspirations to friendship and fashionable dancing, and pretty toilets. Their suit is often affects negligence, and manner of mischief, is inherent in almost all boys.
No matter how immature and imperfect even younger school age, it can rightly be considered fundamental in the development of the right to decent relations between people of different sex. In the younger age it is especially important to teach boys to be the defenders of the girls! People often wonder why an adult man does not know how to be polite, tactful, attentive to the woman? As though he grew up in a cultured family? And the answer is quite simple: it is not taught to be delicate. And in his first boyish school years he felt it necessary to respect only a mother as was the case for the family and cared about this). And the other, say, a neighbor, a strange woman, and especially girls from the class, he respected not used. That's why its culture and became such a one-sided and limited. Delicacy in relations between boys and girls is essential and very important, especially in our time when the woman standing next to the man at the machine, manages the tractor and aircraft. They need help. And the sooner you will be taught that boys are, the more beautiful and better will be our life.
And we are sure - sensitivity should be taught! As taught arithmetic, drawing, singing.
From what to start training?
First of all, from simple and quite accessible to children of things. Boy, for example, it is necessary to accustom to help her to clean the class room: she is wiping the dust, he carried water, pick up trash and also wipes the dust. The boy should know that the girl should skip ahead at the entrance to the class, school, in a cinema, to give her a seat in the bus, apply a coat, etc., monitoring the children of younger age show that such attention to the girl and the more respect for it is most boys.
All this suggests that in many families not being should work with the younger children and they grow clumsy, crude, rude, uncultured people. Sometimes, between them there is resentment, alienation, even enmity.
How to eliminate alienation, apathy, hostility between children of different sexes?
For this you, dear parents, it is necessary from the very first years of schooling of the child to organize his communication with classmates. Don't let him in this fellowship. In your apartment will come with different guys and funny, and sad, and playful. They will get a lot. No don't be angry with them: "again nasolili?". Better calmly ask them to put all in order. And don't forget to invite the kids again. Let them learn to communicate, let him learn to know each other, to survive for each other, to respect each other.
Better if among the guys that come to your son are both boys and girls. Your eyes will be held exercises in courtesy, warmth, sensitivity...
And if you will see the reverse? Then serious talk with his son about the attitude to the girl, show as you, father, treat your wife, the mother of your son. But the guys need not just to communicate, they need a change of impressions, new emotions, a variety of feelings.
It is sometimes very difficult to meet their needs, to find new interesting things. It is difficult, but possible.
A great form of communication boys and girls is the birthday celebration. Usually in close-knit groups of boys congratulate girls with day 8 March, and girls them with the day of the Soviet Army. Guys give each other greeting cards and gifts, hand made.
Birthday guys, as a rule, is solemnly celebrated in the family, but is celebrated in different ways.
To make the day truly joyful, memorable, invite you for the holiday and boys, and girls that communicates your child, arrange for them tea.