autocliker of Brunings
Autocliker Of Brunings

Autocliker (from the Greek. ous, otos - ear, lat. calor - heat and Greek. metro " measure") - the device to study the function of the vestibular apparatus by the quantity pour in your ear water, necessary for obtaining of nystagmus.
Such a device was proposed by A. I. Shchedrin and modified by Browningcom (W. Brunings). Autocliker of Brunings (Fig) consists of two glass vessels. Upper bowl filled with water, to Paradise flows through a rubber tube and into the tip (double period), inserted in the ear investigated. From here via connected to the tip of the rubber tube, the water flows at the bottom of the vessel, representing a graduated cylinder (for measuring the amount of water used). Usually used water temperature 20 degrees, causing nystagmus on average in the amount of 50 ml More water required for the emergence of nystagmus, indicates a decrease in excitability of the vestibular apparatus, less on increasing its excitability. Is determined by the duration of nystagmus (usually 1-2 minutes). Cm. also Vestibulometry.