Atomikos is a disease caused by the development on the walls of the ear (and sometimes on the eardrum) various kinds of moulds. A contributing factor is the humid environment. Symptoms of otomycosis - itching, mild pain, poor serous discharge. In ear canal visible overlay color (yellow, black, gray-green) depends on the nature of the pathogen.
Treatment of otomycosis: salicylic or boric alcohol (3%), pre-washing external ear canal warm 3% solution of boric acid.

Atomics (otomycosis; from the Greek. ous, otos - ear and mykes - fungus) is a fungal disease of the ear. Agents of otomycosis - various mould fungi (Aspergillus niger, A. flavus; Penicillium and others). Contributing factors - raw environment (maceration of the skin), vlite in the ear canal oil or glycerol without the addition of antiseptic means.
If the growth of fungi occurs deep in the epidermis, you experience itching, pain. When viewed in ear canal visible plaque black (at infection with Aspergillus niger) or yellow (at infection with Aspergillus flavus) colors. Microscopic examination revealed mycelium. Sometimes changes in the skin of the outer ear is called and yeast-like fungi (Candida albicans and other).
The prognosis for atomikos good, but possible relapse.
For treatment of an infection with molds used washing ear 2-3% a solution of boric acid (2-3 times a day), then 10-15 minutes pour warmed salicylic (1-3%) or boric (5%) alcohol. When the infection by yeast-like fungi of the skin of the ear canal grease 1-2% solution metilenovogo blue, methyl violet or green diamond; inside appoint nystatin.
Cm. also Mycosis.