Ototopical (from the Greek. ous, otos - ear and topos - place; synonym: binaural hearing, binaural effect - the ability to determine the hearing location of the sound source.
Ototopical interconnected with stereotactical - the ability to perceive sound complicated combinations, when the sounds fall into both ear from different sides (C. I. Vojacek).
When determining the location of the sound value of the angle errors in healthy people (binaural hearing) in the horizontal plane usually not more than 3E, vertical (sagittal) - up to 20 degrees. According to the most common temporary theory, ototopical depends on what sound fits both your ear simultaneously. In the auditory centers of the brain cortex nonsimultaneity signals same forces of the right and left receptors auditory analyzer causes the feeling of time shifting, if the amount of lag sound significant, or shift projection of sound in space, if the lag is negligible. Contrary temporary theory ototopical facts, when the sound goes back researcher, sound continues for a long time and frequency 500 Hz. Depends ototopical and the order in which the plane is investigated sound and what is the pitch. The hypothesis of the phase difference of the sound waves in both ear meets objections, as it does not apply to the sounds of different frequencies. Thus, changing the height listen to the sound when the stillness of its source would have to be accompanied by a seemingly moving, which in fact, as known, is not observed. In addition, Acting according to this hypothesis, according to research Rivkina, would have to be more clear with increasing frequency (increases the phase difference for permanent way of a sound wave), which in fact is not observed.
Combined theory explains the possibility ototopical elaborated conditioned reflexes. The leading role in Acting belongs to the bark of the big hemispheres brain. When training O. improving, with closed injury of the skull is upset. In order to improve the Acting artificially increase the distance between the ears with the help of special tools that are inserted into the external auditory passages. O. severely disrupted the deaf in one ear and slightly modified at a moderate hearing loss in both ears.
Ototopical has great medical expert is in the selection of persons to guard service and work with the finding by sound.
The study Acting is performed by means of devices glatiramera.