Poisoning caustic poison

Caustic poison chemical substances or mixtures, providing locally in contact with mucous membranes or skin irritant nekrotizirutee and melt action. After the intake of such poisons have also General toxic effect. The highest value for forensic medicine have poisoning organic (acetic, carbolic) and inorganic (nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric) acids and caustic alkalis (caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, caustic soda). Much less common are poisoning oxalic acid, formalin, hydrogen peroxide, permanganate potassium, alcoholic solution of iodine, ammonia and other Local their action is basic and is in direct dependence on concentration of the substance. Resulting from a chemical burn pain irritation can cause shock and rapid death. General toxic, resorptive action of the poison appears when a protracted period of poisoning.

  • Acid poisoning
  • The acetic acid poisoning
  • Poisoning oxalic acid
  • Poisoning by carbolic acid (phenol)
  • Poisoning of sulphuric, nitric, hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid), hydrochloric acid
  • Poisoning alkalis