The acetic acid poisoning

Acetic acid is widely distributed in the home. Glacial acetic acid, 96 %, acetic essence - 40-80 %, vinegar - 3-4 %. The severity of poisoning depends on the dose of the poison, its concentration, the speed of advancement through the digestive tract, filling the stomach, the patient's age and other factors. Lethal dose anhydrous acetic acid is 12-15 grams of vinegar - 20-40 ml of vinegar - about 200 ml Acetic acid has local prijigatm action, causes of burn disease. Overall its effect on the body is a consequence caused by it of hemolysis of erythrocytes. A pair of acetic acid have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Receipt of acetic acid in the blood leads to rapid development of acidosis, complete destruction of red blood cells and their bonding (agglutination) with the formation of large quantities of blood clots. The destruction of red blood cells goes up until acid remains in the stomach.
Right after reception of acetic acid occurs inside a sharp pain in the mouth, mouth, throat and forth through the digestive tract. There are burns mucous membrane of the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach and intestines. Burn stomach accompanied by painful vomiting with some blood. When injected poison into the throat may develop signs of asphyxia - breathing problems-type mechanical asphyxia. Possible chemical burns on the face. Burns digestive tract accompanied General toxic effects. The depth of the burn directly proportional to the severity of poisoning. On the 3-5th day may come perforation of esophagus and stomach. Shock occurs within the first hours of poisoning and lasts up to several days. There are significant esophago-gastric bleeding that coincides with the period of the liberation of burnt surface of necrotic masses, with the advent of acute ulcers stomach and intestines. Hemolysis of red blood cells occurs within the first hours after ingestion of the poison, and lasts 1-3 days. Chemical burn and hemolysis lead to severe kidney damage - development Blackwater nephrosis, developing acute renal failure.
The autopsy determined the peculiar smell of acetic acid, yellowish colour of the skin, burns digestive tract and respiratory tract, necrosis and hemorrhage in the liver and Blackwater argued. For 3-5 days after poisoning direct cause of death are often pneumonia.