Clinic of a poisoning with poison snakes

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The severity of poisoning snake poison and the dominance of one or the other symptoms depend on the type of the snake, dose, route of administration of poison and the time of year.
Median lethal dose of poison some marine and terrestrial snakes - Lapemis hardwicki, Enh. Shistosa, Hyd. cyanocinetus, Hyd. melanosoma, N. naja, Karilia Jerdoni, Agk. rhodostoma (Carey, Wright, 1962) intraperitoneal administration to mice were respectively 26,4; 107-127; 239-243; 400; 480; 533 and 880 mg/kg With the introduction of poison into the lateral ventricle of the brain of animals change their behavior, impaired coordination of movements, there are lethargy, ataxia, convulsions, tremors, paralysis, dizziness, drowsiness, dilated pupils, cyanosis, and so on; intravenous there is a collapse in the absence of many of these symptoms (Russell, Bohr, 1962). Median lethal dose of poison 15 species of snakes from SEM. Crotalidae for mice varies from 178 to 4711 mcg/kg intravenously and from 400 to 6844 mcg/kg intraperitoneal; 9 species of snakes SEM. Elapidae respectively from 71 to 2933 and from 80 to 3333 mcg/kg; 5 widow snakes SEM. Viperidae - from 133 to 1111 and from 400 to 1955-mcg/kg (Cocholaty, 1966).
In the development of poisoning snake venoms of great importance thermal factor: severe poisoning are more frequent with the onset of heat (D. G. Gol'dman, V. K. Lobo, 1938; M. G. Shraiber, I. A. Malyugin, 1936, and others). The prevalence of cases of severe and moderate poisoning we observed from June to September - in the hottest months in Nakhchivan ASSR and in the Turkmen SSR. In Brazil were cases of death and the fall of the foot or hand after being bitten Lachesis (E. N. Pavlovsky, 1923). Poison N. naja and N. nigricollis, living in Egypt, more toxic than the same species in South Africa (Irvin E. a., 1970).
Introduction to mice 2.5 mg/kg Cobra venom at an ambient temperature of 25.5 C and relative air humidity of 45% rarely led to their death. The mortality increased at lower and higher temperatures. Poisoning with poison of Cobra at an ambient temperature of 29.4°led to increases in mortality with increasing relative air humidity up to 85%; natural that their number is increased day and night under the same temperature regimes (25,5 degrees) "humidity (45%) (Benton E. a., 1966). Poison V. aspis living in France, less toxic in the end of winter hibernation (March - April); its toxicity increases with the resumption of feeding the snakes.
Depending on the time of year, there are some changes in some of the protein components of the poison V. ammodytes; in the winter, the poison completely disappear 2 low-molecular protein main character (Gubensek E. a., 1974). As toxic poison of snakes at the age of 6-9 months and years. After shedding the toxicity of poison increases in 10 times, and so on
N. 3. Monakov (1953) and others consider to be the most dangerous bites in the head. After a sting in his forehead developed collapse and death (A. M. Christmas, 1931), and when you bite into the eye through the rational treatment managed to save the life of the victim, but his eyes remained blind (Year-To - Aliyev, 1953). The most dangerous from the teeth in a blood vessel (G. I. Ishunin, 1941; M. N. Sultanov, 1963, and others). These rare cases, death comes quickly in the blood coagulation (E. N. Pavlovsky, 1923), especially in the vessels of the heart (Napier, 1946). Along with thromboembolic phenomena occurring in the first hours, in the future there are hemoptysis, nasal bleeding, massive bleeding into the internal organs through the bite of redukovany. On the background of the defeat of neuromuscular, cardiovascular and other systems of the body may experience respiratory paralysis (M. N. Sultanov, 1963).
According to G. I. Ishunina (1941), M. G. Shreiber and So A. Malyuginoy (1936), A. M. Christmas (1931) and others, severe poisoning and death occur more often in women and children. We were not able to identify this pattern, and also the significant difference in the degree of poisoning depending on age, because rational therapy, we have made timely neutralization of poison in the body of the victim.