Suction long

Suction long (synonym: constant aspiration, continuous suction, nasal drainage of the stomach) is a method of elimination of stasis gastrointestinal tract long suction content through a thin rubber tube (a tube inserted through the nose into the stomach or small intestine.
The major indication for the use of O. D. is the stagnation of the gastro-intestinal contents, due to paralysis of the intestine in acute intestinal obstruction and peritonitis, after surgery, injury of the abdominal cavity, with extensive retroperitoneal hematoma, severe renal colic, etc., the Need for evacuation from the gastrointestinal tract is dictated in these patients, the concentration of the liquid contents and air in the upper digestive tract, violations of the processes secretion and absorption and severe General condition owing to the expansion of the stomach and upper parts of the small intestine. When dynamic obstruction of the intestines O. D. is one of the main means of conservative therapy.
Special attention deserves O. D. in the conservative treatment of intermittent obstruction have repeatedly operated patients. O. D. significantly expands the range of means of treating this difficult group of patients, for whom every second operation is associated with risk due to the large technical difficulties and danger of relapse (see bowel Obstruction). An indispensable condition for the application of O. D. when adhesive obstruction is the absence of events of strangulation.
Long suction can also be used for washing stomach in case of poisoning and uremia. It can be used regardless of the use of other means and methods of struggle with gastro-intestinal stasis.
O. D. contraindicated only as an independent method of treatment of patients who have shown an emergency surgical intervention (for example, peritonitis, intestinal occlusion with blood circulation disorders of the intestine).
Long suction through a thin probe - effective, very easy, safe method; in view of the simplicity of equipment and availability of equipment it can be used in any conditions. O. D. must be an essential element in the system of complex treatment of patients with violation of promoting content through the digestive tract. Elimination of stasis gastrointestinal tract breaks the chain of the following each other pathological processes. Restores tone stomach and intestinal walls, reduces venous stasis, improves blood circulation that leads to earlier restore the violated peristalsis. At the same time normalize the secretion and absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.
Long suction gastro-intestinal contents is carried out through a thin probe tube connected to a device that creates evacuated space. You can use a rubber tube with outer diameter of 0,5 see More perfect is the probe Levin with large holes or elastic tube, onto the distal end of which attached metal Oliva and over 10-15 cm done several oval holes 3X2 mm, located in a spiral. The presence of olive promotes tube into the duodenum and facilitates the radiological control, and additional holes improve evacuation.
In clinical conditions evacuated space can be created by syringe, water suction device, special vacuum apparatus. Very easy to use tributyltin apparatus Perthes - Garter, which due to the flowing liquid in the bottle for the extraction is constantly maintained vacuum (Fig). The most common bottles with a capacity of 5 l At the location of the vessels for the flowing of water from the difference in level at 1-1,25 m creates evacuated space in 80-90 mm RT. century, which is the most rational for the evacuation of the gastro-intestinal contents. A compulsory condition of the apparatus is the integrity of the entire system and maintained vacuum. The latter condition will always be met if the top of the bottle is filled with water.
The probe is inserted through the nose; this is easy to carry the sick; he does not cause vomiting or prevent fluid intake by mouth. For the successful introduction of the tube should be used through the motions, in which the probe is almost always goes directly into the esophagus. Greased end of the tube is pushed into the nasopharynx, then give to the patient to drink water SIPS and simultaneously promote the tube. With the introduction of the tube at 55-60 cm from the edge of the nose its end is located in the district gatekeeper. To fix the tube best ribbon gauze held around the head.
Long suction appropriate to include in complex treatment of previously possible in all patients with impaired promotion of content through the digestive tract; this prevents further development of the existing tension. Suction content in the preoperative period, along with other therapeutic interventions improves the General condition of patients. Clinical observations show that postoperative complications in the form of paralytic ileus develop less, if the suction is applied previously possible. It is most expedient to start sucking up operations continue during the operation and in postoperative period, until you restore the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract. In most patients it takes from 2 to 5 days. Control can serve as clearly listen peristalsis, the presence of a chair; drunk fluid in the form of cross-clamping probe should not cause nausea, vomiting, unpleasant feelings and after 40-60 minutes to otkazyvatsa in the system.
Long suction does not prevent the carrying out other activities; patients for whom it is applied, do not require special care. To prevent discomfort, due to the prolonged stay of rubber tubing, should be inserted into the nostril, where the tube, 3-4 drops 2% solution of ephedrine and dikaina on oil. Loss due to fluid extraction reimbursed parenteral injections of salt solutions and blood fluids. Almost sufficient for the compensation of losses of chlorides to enter into a vein or under your skin to 3 liters saline solution per day.
Elimination of stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract leading to an improvement in the General condition of patients: pain, nausea, vomiting, reduced pressure advanced stomach and intestines on the diaphragm, which facilitates the work of the heart and lungs. Patients have the opportunity to drink and drink, which facilitates their condition. All this has a positive and often decisive influence on the outcome of the disease.

Long suction (scheme). When draining water out of the bottle 1 bottle 2 creates a vacuum in the bottle 3, which is extracted from the gastro-intestinal contents.