Oksazil (Oxazylum; list a) - antiholinesteraznah means. Applied in infants, movement disorders associated with transferred encephalitis or meningitis, during the rehabilitation period of polio, after injuries of the Central nervous system paralysis of the facial nerve. Assign inside 0,005-0,02 g In mild cases oksazil accept 1-2 times a day, in severe 5-6 times a day. Higher doses: single - 0,025 grams daily - 0,05 g Contraindicated in epilepsy, giperkineza, bronchial asthma, stenocardiaexpressed arteriosclerosis. The form of release: tablets on 0,001; 0.005 and 0.01,
Cm. also Anticholinesterase agents.

Oksazil (Oxazylum; synonym: oximity, Ambenonium chloride, Mytelase chloride; list A) - antiholinesteraznah means reversible action; N1N'-bis-(2-diethylaminoethyl) - oksamid - bis - (2'-Chlorobenzyl-chloride). Activity is superior to the neostigmine (see). Is used for treating disorders of neuromuscular transmission; in infants, after meningitis, encephalitis, polio, after injuries of the Central nervous system; when the facial nerve paralysis. Therapeutic doses of oxazole: single 0.01-0.02 g daily - 0,05 g avoid accumulation interval between meals should not be less than 4 hours. Higher doses: single - 0,025 grams daily - 0,05, the Form of release: tablets on 0,001, 0.005 and 0.01 g Cm. also Anticholinesterase agents.