Oxygamerya - photometric method for measuring the degree of saturation of arterial blood oxygen is based on spectral properties of oxyhemoglobin and restored hemoglobin. For oksiginatsii use special devices - oxigenotherapy built on the principles of solar cells.
Oxygamerya widely used to study the dynamics of saturation of arterial blood oxygen a person at rest and in different functional loads, as well as during operations on the chest.

Oxygamerya - photometric method for measuring the degree of saturation of arterial blood oxygen, i.e. the interest in the content of hemoglobin in the form of oxyhemoglobin. Oxygamerya allows to judge to what extent is the oxygenation of blood in the lungs, as it gives an objective measure of the effectiveness of external respiration and blood circulation. Oksigenatiu used to identify gipotermicescoe circulatory hypoxia (see). O. produce special devices - oxigenotherapy (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. The block diagram of the cathode oxigenatr: 1 - indicating instrument widget for editing dates based in% degree of saturation of blood with oxygen; 2 - control panel; 3 - ground; 4 - power supply; 5 - photoelectric sensor; 6 - power

For monitoring and registration of the dynamics of blood oxygenation in vivo in humans use oxigenatr and oxygenotherapy with ear photo sensor (Fig. 2, a). Oxigenului instead of the indicating instrument is equipped with ceruloplasmin recording device for continuous recording of the dynamics of blood oxygenation moving on to the paper. Fast (simultaneously) definition oxygenation 0.4 ml of blood taken from the study, carried out using a sample of oxigenatr (Fig. 2, b).

Fig. 2. Scheme of photosensors to oxigenatr: and - ear photo sensor; b - sample photo sensor; 1 - flat glass; 2 - screw; 3 - working selenium cell; 4 - sulfur-silver cell, compensating vasomotor changes of the photocurrent working solar cell; 5 - infrared filter; 6 - the auricle; 7 - incandescent; 8 - a steel plate; 9 - red filter; 10 - working cell with a solution of blood.

Oxygamerya based on the fact that the oxyhemoglobin many times less absorbs passing through the layer of blood red light than the restored hemoglobin (see). The value of the luminous flux passing through the layer of blood, determined using selenium photocells, whose current after amplification rejects the arrow indicating instrument in proportion to the degree of oxygenation of the blood.
With the continuous oksiginatsii human ear photo sensor is put on the upper part of the ear. Light the lamp passes through the thickness of the auricle and hits the solar cell. Full arterialization of the blood of the investigated area of the ear comes after her warm warm lighting bulbs sensor for 15 minutes Warming up should not cause burn (especially in a patient under General anesthesia in children). Readings oxigenatr with ear sensor is relative and depends on the initial position of the device. So for accurate measurement of the percentage of oxygen saturation of blood initial position of the arrow device installed on 96-97%, if a well researched breathes air; in the same breath studied pure oxygen (for 3-4 minutes) arrow device set to 100%.
For exact oksiginatsii in a patient with suspected failure of the effectiveness of external respiration (for example, emphysema, circulatory decompensation and others) arrow source device set to the value corresponding to the oxygenation of the blood samples of blood taken from the patient at the time of the study. This value determines the sample oksigenation or apparatus van slice.
Blood for Acting sample sensor, take out the fingers of a hand, pre-warmed with hot water to expand skin capillaries. The blood is collected in a vessel filled with vaseline oil and anticoagulant.
In a syringe containing 0.4 ml of dilution of the solution (2% solution of sodium chloride, 0.3% solution of sodium salicylate)that is trying to enter from under oil 0.4 ml of blood. They are mixed without access of air and injected into the cell. After that make O.
If oksiginatsii conduct a number of functional tests (with the transition from breathing pure oxygen to breath the air with dosed muscular work, with breath and others), during which determines the rate of development and the severity of hypoxic condition, and also take into account the rate of recovery of normal oxygenation of blood after the termination of functional tests. Reduced oxygenation below 93% points to hypoxia.
The factory " red guard" produces combined oxigenatr 057 (with sample and ear sensors) and oxigenului 036. When oxygenotherapy and gas narcosis oxigenului, in addition to registering the level of blood oxygenation of the patient, can automatically adjust (after additional mechanical connection of the motor unit with the gearbox oxygen cylinder) the supply of oxygen to the patient in accordance with the degree of saturation of his arterial oxygen.