The care of patients with burns

Care for patients with burn (see Burns) is determined by the severity and localization of the burn. The first hours the focus should be directed at combating shock (see) and dehydration (see); used drugs intravenously injected 5% glucose solution, isotonic solution; infusion of plasma, blood and blood fluid. In the treatment of burns under a bandage requires careful hygiene of the skin around the bandages; change the bandage 8-10 days with regular patentovedenie surface layers. When the open method of treatment of large burn surfaces patient is placed in a sterile sheets, bed cover frame for drying burn surface and warming of the patient the air under the frame is heated by an electric bulb. These patients are prone pulmonary complications, they need to teach the techniques of breathing exercises. It is important to follow the correct functionally the position of the limbs for the prevention of Cicatricial contracture during the scarring. The struggle with insomnia and oppressed condition of patients is the responsibility of caring staff. The patient should have easily digestible, rich in proteins and vitamins food, drink plenty of water.
For frostbite (see Frostbite) is the main infection prevention zone frostbite. Bandaging, skin care and other activities similar to the care of patients with burns.