Burns combat

Burns combat are an important component of modern military defeats in General (see Sanitary losses troops). They can occur as the result of impact of nuclear weapons, incendiary substances and flame thrower mixtures.
Burns incendiary substances (Napalm and other), a kind of thermal and chemical burns, usually accompanied by deep tissue lesions and marked trophic disturbances. When Afacforum incendiary mixtures, along with possible local and obscherezorbtivnymi action. First aid is to extinguish the burning of the mixture. Burning Napalm extinguish tight wrapping of the overcoat, coat-tent, throwing snow, land or by immersion. The extinguishing of phosphorus in the usual ways is difficult. This achieves the best with the help of 5% solution of copper sulphate. Visible to the eyes of a particle of the phosphorus is removed with tweezers in the bath with warm water. Treatment O. carried out according to General rules. When phosphorus burns with dressings from a 5% solution of copper sulphate. Ointment dressing in these cases cannot be applied.
Burns from light radiation of a nuclear explosion. Radiant energy released in the explosion (visible, infrared and partly ultraviolet rays), leads to the so-called instant O. Possible and secondary O. flames from the fire. Light Acting appearing more frequently in the open areas of the body facing the explosion ("profile", "outline" Oh)but may occur and areas closed the darker clothes, especially where it is closely attached to the skin ("contact" burns). There are also Acting against ignition service. The course and treatment of these Acting the same as thermal.
Combined damage. When a nuclear explosion very often there is a combination of burns with mechanical injury and radiation defeat. The presence of one defeat worsens over the other (mutual weights). The processes of deep purification Acting in concurrent radiation defeat slow down or even stop, and necrosis often progresses. Develop hematoma, infectious complications, and possible re-bleeding. Reparative processes are oppressed. In the period of resolution of radiation sickness and healing processes are normalized. Y these patients are often formed pathological scars, trophic ulcers. After light Acting on the skin may appear plots pigmentation and a depigmentation. Significant pollution burnt surface radioactive substances may lead to some increase of necrosis and slow reparative processes. The total activity of radioactive substances that absorb into the blood through the surface of the burn, unlikely.
First aid and treatment with combined lesions are but the General rules. Along with treatment O. and burn disease under treatment and radiation sickness (see). If deep Acting is desirable to make necrectomy (see) and close the defect autograft before the peak of radiation sickness. As infection burn surface radioactive substances is always combined with contamination unaffected skin, each person needs to sanitation (see). X-ray skin burns - see Skin, radiation damage.