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From the area and the depth of burns depend on the duration of healing, the size and nature of the resulting scars. Large, rough, astringent scars are the cause of development of contractures, deformations, etc., and Sometimes stay stubbornly persisting granulating defects - ulcer surrounded by a scar.
With extensive burns II and III And the extent not complicated suppuration, sometimes there is only the first period of burn disease - burn shock. Nenadovica burns of II degree heals through education of the young under exfoliated epidermis (i.e. at the bottom of bubbles). Healing occurs at 7-14 days and Cicatrical changes of skin, as a rule, does not remain.
I degree burns do not cause thermal burns. Redness and swelling of the skin is kept no longer than 4 days, more often 1-2 days. However, burns very large surface (for example, 1/2 of all skin) may develop severe shock.
Treatment of thermal burns. At the surface, a small area burns treatment on an outpatient basis. Aid should provide reduction of pain, and to prevent suppuration bubbles. Pain is reduced by the cooling of the skin in the area of the burn, it can prevent the formation of bubbles. In the absence of bubbles reddened skin can irrigate cold water (10-20 minutes), then it dried up, washed alcohol and impose alcohol-wet-drying towel. Leave the I degree burns without a bandage impossible. Opening bubbles should be avoided. If they are already corrupted (for example, removal of clothing), alcohol cautiously handle the surrounding skin, remove the pieces of the epidermis and place dry sterile dressing. Apply ointment in fresh burns cannot underneath the surface burns certainly getting wet and suppurate. The solution of tannin and potassium permanganate for treatment of burns in adults, do not apply. Further treatment of the surface neobycnyj burns can conduct a medical assistant.
Burns first degree bandage is removed after 1-2 days and, if no bubbles, no longer impose. Finding bubbles, repeat the process and close the surface burns bandage. When smooth for burns of II degree bandage not take up to 7-10 days. The appearance of pain, drench bandages point to the need to immediately withdraw it if suppuration go for treatment ointment bandages, for example with Vishnevsky ointment, replacing them if necessary. When swelling, infiltrate around suppurating injury of lymphangitis and lymphadenitis, high temperature shown hospitalization of the patient in the surgical hospital.
With limited deep burns, and all the extensive burns victims should be promptly direction in the surgical Department of the hospital, if possible - in a special burn unit. First aid for a limited deep burns comes to the toilet skin and the imposition of a dry sterile dressing. When pollution burn the earth enter not vaccinated against tetanus 3000 IU of tetanus serum and 1 ml of tetanus toxoid, and grafted only 0.5 ml toxoid, without serum. Burn incendiary substances occur most often in a combat situation. When they thermal effect on the fabric combined with chemical, and deep tissue damage - with trophic disorders. Assistance - primarily the extinguishing of the flame: the burning Napalm earth, the tight wrapping of the (overcoat, coat-tent); the burning of phosphorus -5% solution of copper sulphate and only if it is water (after drying phosphorus ignites again). Further treatment of the burn - according to General rules.
With extensive burns should be removed from the victim burnt clothes, not tearing her to pieces stuck to the burn, wrap burnt in a clean bed sheet, then in a blanket and evacuated on stretchers. Before long evacuation may be necessary subcutaneous injection 1 % of the morphine solution (1 ml), camphor and caffeine.