Chemical burns

Chemical burns occur when the effect on the fabric of substances with a sharp prijigatm action of strong acids and alkalis, salts of heavy metals, phosphorus and others). The action on the tissues of strong acids and salts of heavy metals occurs clotting proteins (coagulation) and dehydration, develops coagulation necrosis (see) tissues. Solid crust of dead tissue, which prevents deeper acid. Alkali do not cause coagulation of protein, and dissolve them (collimation necrosis) and lead to a deeper tissue necrosis with the formation of soft scab.
Depth of tissue damage chemical burns are divided by the degrees as well as thermal. However, the degree of defeat for chemical burns usually not detected immediately. The clinical course of them is the same as thermal burns, but for chemical burns very rarely observed shock, toxaemia.
Healing chemical burns slow, after they leave deep scars.
First aid for chemical burns is immediately wash the affected surface water. Further treatment, as in thermal burns, Chemical burns to the eyes - see Eye.
Electrical burns - see electrical trauma.
Radiation burns - see Radiation damage to the skin.

Chemical burns occur as a result of action on the skin and mucous membranes of strong acids, alkalis, some of soluble salts of heavy metals, toxic substances, phosphorus and other Severity of injury depends on the toxicity aggressive agent, concentration and exposure. In the most mild cases burn accompanied by only a local inflammatory process. In more severe lesions developing tissue necrosis, propagating at different depths. On clinical presentation and course of chemical Acting similar to heat. When chemical Acting shock do not usually see, but toxemia expressed sharply. In addition, the chemical O. long-term suppression of vital activity of the tissues around it burn. It is connected with the expressed violation of the nervous trophism, so regenerative processes slowed down. Classification of chemical Acting on the depth of tissue damage same as heat. Some aggressive agents, causing chemical Acting simultaneously and have obscherezorbtivnymi action.
First aid and treatment. Rich rinse the affected area with water. Burns mustard gas and lewisite their neutralize special converters, and in the absence of the latter wash affected area with soap and water. Treatment is the same as with thermal Acting Special importance procaine blockade, improves trofiku tissue.