Burn disease

Complications. Pneumonia is very often found in all periods of burn disease, especially in severely burned. According to sections, pneumonia in the period of shock and toxemia met 2/3 of burnt during septicotoxemia - more than half of the dead.
Burn the depletion of - view traumatic depletion often occur when deep extensive burns in the period of septicotoxemia. It may occur with less considerable losses as a result of irrational therapy. The patient uncontrollably falls body weight and weight loss reaches extreme degrees (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Deep burn 12% of the body surface, burn depletion (10 months. after getting a burn.

The body temperature is subfebrile. Developing a General inhibition, there is a growing pressure sores. No appetite, often nausea. Completely stopped the reparative processes in areas burn, progressive necrosis leads to the deepening of tissue defects, up to the penetration into the cavity (joints, chest). Necrotic tissues are exposed to rotting decay. Grow anemia, hypoproteinemia.
In the early days of severe burn disease sometimes severe erosive gastritis, accompanied by nausea, repeated vomiting, pain in podlojecna area, gastric bleeding. With extensive deep O. often for duodenal ulcer or gastric appear sharp trophic ulcers of Curling complicating bleeding and perforation. In connection with low reactivity and severe General condition of patients recognition of this complication is extremely difficult.
Burn disease may be complicated parenchymatous hepatitis. Hepatitis arising in the first days and weeks of the disease, usually are the direct consequence of the burn. They are usually severe. Later can be observed viral hepatitis. The virus is transmitted primarily through transfusions of plasma and blood. Among the complications from kidney frequent pality, rarely jade and afrosamurai. When long lasting festering About. sometimes renal amyloidosis. Sometimes burnt appear stones of kidneys and ureters. In individual patients, there is angina or even a heart attack. Describe diseases burnt tetanus.
Local complications and consequences burns are rojistoe inflammation, wound scarlet fever, thrombophlebitis, disfiguring scars, contractures, post-burn trophic ulcers, dermatitis, itching, piodermia, skin cancer.