Perniosis (synonym: erythema pernio, perniosis) is a skin disorder caused by prolonged exposure to cold and damp. An osnaline contribute hypovitaminosis, And, malnutrition, nervous and endocrine disorders, chronic infections and intoxications. The disease is due to a lack of functional small blood vessels of the skin and lower their resistance to frost. More often suffer young women and adolescents.
Clinically perniosis characterized by the appearance of the skin of the fingers, feet, ears, nose and cheeks tight blue swelling of different sizes from pretty clear boundaries, skin tight, cold to the touch, there soreness and itching.
On the affected skin can cause cracks, flickety, ulceration. The course of chronic with exacerbations in autumn and spring.
Treatment: vitamin and iron supplements, calcium, baths of contrasting temperatures, rubbing alcohol, UFOs, massage. Prevention - warm clothes, exercise, improves blood circulation.

Perniosis (pernio, synonym: erythema pernio, perniosis) - skin lesion that develops from exposure to the cold and damp. Unlike Britain, perniosis often occurs at temperatures above 0 degrees and special predilection. The disease usually occurs in autumn and spring, and with the onset of warm season disappears. More sick children, adolescents and young women, and military personnel in case of involuntary long stay in the trenches.
The disease is favored anemia, vitamin C and A, the decline of food, dysproteinemia (cryoglobulinemia), functional disorders of the endocrine glands, nervous disorders, chronic infections and intoxications (malaria, syphilis, tuberculosis). O. often develops in patients suffering from hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet.
In the development O. great importance hidden flowing functional failure of the capillaries and the small vessels of the skin, and also reduced their resistance to cold, leading tissue in the state of hypoxia. Clinical manifestations O. - the result is also not a direct destructive effect of cold on fabric, and arising in the area of destruction reflex vascular disorders that cause spasm of arterioles, passive congestion and increased vascular permeability (edema).
Histological examination are determined by the swelling of the dermis, the defeat of the capillaries (ectasia, thickening of the walls, thrombosis), as well as larger blood vessels; expanding them, proliferation intima perivascular lymphocytic infiltration.
Perniosis characterized by the appearance of the skin is thick, bluish-red colour, with a clear or blurred outlines of the swelling, most often localized on the fingers of the hands, feet, ears, nose, cheeks, less often on the lower legs and buttocks. The skin on the affected area is swollen, tight, shiny, cold to the touch, painful when pressed. Sometimes it can be observed follicular papules - lichen pilaris (perniosis follicularis). Occasionally perniosis manifests itself in the form of diffuse erythema, against which arise flat, bluish-pink, soft, soft restricted sites, sometimes sinking down in the center, as well as cracks and bubbles, ulceration. The accession of secondary infection results in the formation of crusts and activation of ulcers. Erased, and atypical O. appear in the form of bluish spots resembling exudative erythema, or spilled eritem, sometimes with the centers of hyperkeratosis, and also point papules with the horn samples in the center. The development of osnaline often accompanied by a feeling of itching and burning, passing by warming and rubbing in pain. Acting may be combined with eritrocita skin (see Arbitrations skin symmetric). In common with the Acting etiology and some clinical similarity is the so-called trench foot (see Frostbite).
Treatment. Expedient for the purpose of fortifying agents (nutrition, drugs calcium, iron, arsenic, vitamins C, PP, And, In:, B6). Locally applied alternately cold and hot local baths, exposure to ultraviolet light (suberythermal doses), diathermy, massage rubbing camphor-Diagilevo ointments, rubbing with camphor spirit. When cracks and ulcerations - bath with kaliem, bandages with 10% dermatology ointment, an ointment of Mikulich, Peruvian balm.
It is necessary to preserve the affected areas from the cold and wetness (warm gloves, socks). All that may violate peripheral circulation (bandages, narrow sleeves, cuffs, thin stockings etc), should be eliminated. Persons affected by perniosis, you cannot work in cold environments, as well as on the cold air. In the field atmosphere of great importance to the health of clothing and footwear and their timely drying.
Pulmonary edema when Acting - see the Light (perniosis).