Ozokerite, Ozokeritotherapy

Ozokeritotherapy method of heat treatmentthat uses ozokerite - fossil mountain wax oil origin. Used after special treatment for therapeutic purposes "medical ozokerite" to avoid burns should not contain impurities, especially water, alkalis and acids. Possessing high thermal capacity and low heat conduction, ozokerite very slowly cools, long time giving heat to the body. Ozokeritotherapy easily tolerated even at the temperature of wax 60-70 degrees. Ozocerite has a resolving, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispastic effect.
Indications and contraindications to therapy, salt therapy room are the same as for thermotherapy (see Mud therapy). The wax is heated on a water bath in a fume hood.
There are the following methods ozokerite therapy. Layering: molten wax (temperature no higher than 55 degrees) flat paintbrush applied to the skin, greased with vaseline; for the application of subsequent layers use ozokerite temperature of 70 - 80 to 90 degrees (the thickness of 1-2 cm), put on top of the blanket, blanket or special padded jacket. Ozocerite baths; hand or foot cover with wax, at a temperature of no higher than 55 degrees, then immersed in a plastic bag filled with ozokerite (temperature 65-75 degrees). The bag tied on the edge tightening site, cover with a blanket. Ozokeritovye compresses soaked in the fused ozokerite multi-layer gauze pad (6-8 layers) press kinsangani, placed on the oilcloth to cool (temperature 45-50 degrees) and apply it to the desired body region. The second cloth (temperature of 60-70 degrees) smaller feature on the first, from above cover with wax paper or cloth and cover quilted jacket. The most common is the ditch and the application procedure: in a metal cell (with the depth of 5 cm) put the oilcloth. From top to pour the molten wax, which, cooling down, becomes mantas (thickness 2-5 cm). When temperature 50-60°
cake is removed from the cell with a cloth and placed on the skin, cover with a blanket or a special padded jacket. After the procedure remains wax off by cotton wool with vaseline. In gynecological practice using ozokeritovye vaginal tampons.
Ozokeritovye of the procedures performed in a day or two days in a row, lasting 30 to 60 minutes with a break on the third day. In the course of 10-15 procedures. Rest after the procedure 30 - 60 minutes

Ozokerite (Ozokerit; from the Greek. ozo - smell and keros - wax) - mining, excavation, or fragrant, wax (fossil wax oil origin). Ozokeritotherapy - application of wax in therapeutic purposes.
In the USSR deposits of wax is available in Turkmenistan (O. Cheleken), Zap. Ukraine (Borislav, Drohobych), Uzbekistan (Shor-Su), Tajikistan (Salt-Riho).
Ozokerite was proposed by S. S. Lepskaya in 1942 as a substitute paraffin; currently has a wide distribution.
First of mineral wax extracted from ores water extraction or extraction; currently it is extracted petrol and ozokerite raw produce in the factory way ozokerite-standard. Ozokerite consists of a mixture of solid paraffin hydrocarbons series, mineral oils, asphaltenes and resinous substances. It is a solid mass, usually dark brown or black in color, with a smell of oil or kerosene; its share - 0,85-0,93 (depending on grade). Ozokerite soluble in alcohol, ether, gasoline, benzene, turpentine; temperature PL 50-60 degrees. High heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and total absence of convection do ozokerite particularly convenient coolant and teploperedacha; it can be used at high temperatures without causing skin burns.
For therapeutic application of mineral wax is heated on a water bath in a fume hood temperatures of 100-120 degrees (there are ozokeritolechenie produced in the factory way) to sterilize and full dehydration, which is especially important when applied to open wounds and ulcers surface. Hot wax is poured into the cuvette-trays, on the bottom of which are laid on the oilcloth; after cooling up to the set temperature (45-60°, rarely 70 degrees) it is removed from the cell, together with oilcloth and apply it to be exposed part of the body; put on top of the blanket and the coat or blanket. With abundant ovolosenii hair shave. Sometimes ozokerite impose a brush, smearing it in several layers. Deep applied heated. The patient during the procedure lies. The procedure lasts 30 - 00 p.m., the Course of treatment is 10-15, rarely 20-25 procedures, often through the day, sometimes every day. As ozokerite not always completely removed from the skin, the skin by removing applications wipe alcohol, vinegar, petroleum jelly or vaseline oil. After the procedure the patient should rest 30-60 min
The children used a different methodology ozokeritovye applications: composed of several layers of gauze lower in hot wax and wring, impose on areas of the body to be treated; the first layers impose at a temperature of 38-40°, later - at 45-50 degrees. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes the Children, even 2-3-month tolerate ozokeritovye compresses, often falling asleep during the procedure.
The mechanism of action of ozokerite therapy is mainly due to high thermal property of ozokerite, as well as its compression influence (at cooling ozokerite significantly reduced in volume and squeezes area of the body that imposed). Some authors emphasize contained in resins, asphalting and mineral oils biogenic stimulators, which have oestrogen and atsetilholinopodobnym influence. Causing significant flushing of the skin, improving skin temperature and metabolic processes, ozokeritotherapy has analgesic, anti-spastic, anti-inflammatory and resolving effect. Stimulating effect on the course of regenerative and reparative processes affects enhanced epithelization sluggish granulating wounds and ulcers, nerve regeneration and strengthening the consolidation of the bone in bad non-Union fractures. On the nervous system ozokeritotherapy has a calming effect, causing a deep sleep.
Indications: diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus of different etiology, except tuberculosis and tumors; the implications of different damage, myositis, fibromyositis, bursitis, tendovaginitis, osteomyelitis, the consequences of fractures delayed consolidation or painful bone spur, scar
shrinkage, contractures, slowly healing wounds and ulcers, radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia, consequences of the injuries of the spine and spinal cord; peptic ulcer (in the subacute stage applications have vneochagovogo, on the segments in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine, chronic is on the stomach and on the corresponding segments); cholecystitis when incase of critical phenomena (and children), residual symptoms of pleurisy (tubercular); endarteritis in the initial stage (vneochagovogo, on reflexogenic zones); the consequences of thrombophlebitis, Raynaud's disease; consequences of inflammatory diseases of female and male sex organs; chronic eczema, seborrheic nature, neurodermite, psoriasis.
Contraindications: malignant and benign tumors; violations circulation II and III extent; aneurysm of heart and vessels; angina; hypertension II and III stage; tuberculosis of various organs in the active phase; acute and subacute inflammatory processes in the area of heart and vessels; thyrotoxicosis, pregnancy from the third month.